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Unlock the magic of crystals in your astrology journey

The Hermetic quote “As above, so below” could not be more accurate when combining planets and crystals; two incredible modalities that I personally have been working with for over 20 years. Both of them are magic on their own, but combined they can create mastery over tapping into your natal chart through the use and practical application of crystals in your everyday life.

Applying crystals to the natal chart can help to support you to remedy planets and access parts of the chart you’ve not been able to tune into. They can activate the positive features in your chart, as well as overcoming the difficult ones.

Earth and star magic seem to go hand in hand, like wine and cheese or bread and butter. We are literally made up of stardust and minerals. Just look at the reflection of the Earth in our own physical body; the tree stump like our fingerprint, our lungs shaped like the Tree of Life, not to mention our eyes, which literally look like galaxies. It is quite incredible, isn’t it?

The crystalline frequency within us makes a direct correlation to the stars and planets above us and the crystals deep below us in the Earth, which can anchor us into Star Magic and Star Lores. Combining stars and stones gives us an incredible tool for self-discovery and healing, and even has the ability to remedy planets that might be a bit uncomfortable in your natal chart.

I want to share with you crystals that connect with each sign from a different perspective. I’ve got to know the planets intimately in my experience as an astrologer, so some of my suggestions for each sign might be different to what you’d read in mainstream crystal guidelines.

Through the practice of astrology and working with The Liquid Crystals (geometric vibrational remedies), I’ve had the opportunity to develop a system that helps to bring about a well-balanced expression of the 12 signs, which everyone has in their chart. You might have a feature of a sign that you’d like to enhance or a feature you might like to tame or harness in a more effective way. For most people, there is an element (fire, earth, air and water) that is dominant or lacking. There are crystals that can support that imbalance.

There are thousands of crystals and no right or wrong crystal, tune into yourself and, after these simple yet powerful suggestions, you may connect to the power of crystals that will aid you to activate your divine blueprint (your natal chart) and begin to breathe new life into it.
As you read the crystal suggestions for your sun sign, also check your rising sign and moon sign, as this can be a delightful little trinity of crystals to work with.

When I say “work with” the crystals, this can mean a myriad of things from meditating with them or sleeping with them to taking The Liquid Crystals (through a qualified practitioner only) or wearing them. You can even make specific crystal grids for a particular intention, such as manifesting, clarity, healing or letting go. The list is endless. Trust yourself and have fun!


Ruler: Mars | Element: Fire | Quality: Cardinal

Black Onyx
This is the crystal of the Ram and is a must-use if you have strong Aries placements in your chart. Onyx brings in self-awareness and self-discipline while also helping to focus and ground all that abundant energy.

A great ally for Aries to assist with patience, slowing things down and helping you to truly listen — Rhodonite activates clairaudience. It’s also a great tonic for stress, helping curb the impulse of having to do everything all at once as quickly as you can.

This may feel like a strange choice, however Angelite is a supremely gentle stone promoting peace, bringing soothing and cooling energies to anger and conflict. She brings consideration and softness to what can sometimes be a hard and cutting edge to the martial ways of Aries.


Ruler: Mercury | Element: Air | Quality: Mutable

Gemini’s tendency towards chatter, at times, can be overwhelming for others. Aquamarine can support communicating your ideas with increased clarity and accuracy, while not lacking in emotion.

Clear Calcite
The perfect crystal to increase focus and calm in the chaos and whirlwind of the mind that IS Gemini. When mentally overworked and disconnected, clear calcite brings connection and unity, helping you to get out of your own way.

This blue beauty helps you to communicate your ideas with clarity and express your emotions in a way that promotes a heart-mind connection. When lost in the mind, Turquoise anchors you back in your body and deep into Mother Earth.


Ruler: The Sun | Element: Fire | Quality: Fixed

An ideal crystal for Leos as she activates spiritual wisdom, bringing in deep humility and ultimate self-awareness. Where there is too much ego or self-righteousness, Amethyst brings divine connection to everything.

This is the stone of the Lion, igniting radiance when you have forgotten your own magnificence. The heat, fire and anger of the Lion often masks deep insecurities and self-worth issues, Sulphur remedies this.

This stunning pink stone helps you to accept yourself, soften the inner critic and find true self-love. She invokes the reconnection to play and the inner child when things feel heavy and overwhelming.


Ruler: Venus | Element: Earth | Quality: Fixed

Tigers Eye
This is a stone of action, which a slow and plodding Taurus needs. When feeling stuck and fixed in old ways, Tigers Eye can help you to adapt, change your course of action and power you up to move in an effective new direction. This is the stone of the Bull.

Imperial Topaz
A great stone to give energy, like a battery pack, it cuts through lethargy. Imperial Topaz helps with creative life force energy and manifesting your desires through awakening the power within you.

Green Tourmaline
This highly vibrational crystal heals the heart, activates deep compassion and assists with non-attachment — qualities that Taurus can benefit from. It assists in releasing expectations and invites you to embody the laws of nature.


Ruler: The Moon | Element: Water| Quality: Cardinal

Green Calcite
When too intensely trapped in and attached to emotions and the desire to over-nurture, green calcite offers a soothing reprieve for the heart. She facilitates letting go, the release of emotional stress and helps you to move through grudges and inner resentments. A gentle balm for the soul.

When the Cancer-way is to hide safely in a protective shell, Moonstone offers up the inner power and wisdom to take control emotionally and find inner stability. If you feel closed and defensive, Moonstone softens and invites tears.

The perfect crystal to balance the emotional body, accept change and the closure of old cycles. She taps you back into your own inner wolf to howl at the Moon, clear out old stagnant emotions and find freedom in the wild once again.

TIP Try working with pearl, moonstone and silver as the trinity of maiden, mother and crone. The Isis trinity.


Ruler: Mercury | Element: Earth | Quality: Mutable

This is an amazing crystal for your nervous system. It increases light and warmth, laughter and joy. She relaxes your tendencies to worry and overthink and assists you in finding joy in the physical world.

Herkimer Diamond
An ideal crystal that dissolves stress, separation and spiritual disconnection. An important ally to work with to help Virgos with their highly cerebral qualities and to assist in clarity. Perfect for blending the mind and your emotions and giving you the ability to surrender and just be.

Lapis Lazuli
This is a powerful crystal to anchor in self-realisation, to know thyself and not be swayed by outside influences. Lapis reveals any illusions and empowers you to trust yourself.


Ruler: Venus | Element: Air | Quality: Cardinal

The ultimate crystal for Libra to help in decision making, mental clarity and mental order. Fluorite helps you to focus and balance the heart and mind when needing to make a choice. Fluorite helps you to decide!

When over-giving turns into martyrdom, Morganite assists in clearing inner resentments, shows the true meaning of equality within your relationships and empowers you from the heart.

The crystal of supreme balance. As you tend to swing from one side to the next, Amazonite can support you in finding the middle ground. When you walk the path of your emotional truth and seek to maintain balance, you can reclaim your inner peace.


Ruler: Jupiter | Element: Fire | Quality: Mutable

A true rebel of the crystal kingdom, the stone of the Horse, perfect for Sagittarians! Apophyllite assists in reigning in your truth and sharing it from a place of true soul alignment. It helps you to understand and process your own spiritual understanding
and open your mind.

Hematite is the best option to anchor, manifest and ground reality into your energy. When feeling scattered and exhausted from your experiences, hematite heals, brings in new boundaries and activates the Earth Star chakra. For you, Hematite can feel like hitting the Earth with a thud.

A great crystal in helping Sagittarius to link feelings and words when it comes to communication. Sodalite offers up new visions and pathways, but with reason, so you can stay focused and aligned to your goals.


Ruler: Uranus/Saturn | Element: Air |Quality: Fixed

Aquarius can be such a cerebral sign, so Kyanite can assist in the alignment of your mental, emotional and spiritual self, helping you to feel whole. It acts as a bridge connecting you to others, moving you away from separation or detachment, and helps you to communicate clearly, allowing for deeper connection.

A crystal of pure magic and freewill, which sums up Aquarians. When feeling unfocused and scattered, Labradorite is your guide to bring mental and intellectual order. It is a powerful ally opening your eyes to the why behind your actions and thoughts. Labradorite brings truth.

Rose Quartz
A simple stone that is often overlooked, or not used correctly, rose quartz holds great wisdom and will assist in blending the mind and heart. She is super gentle, releasing stress, softening old emotional programs and is the key crystal for forgiveness.


Ruler: Pluto/Mars | Element: Water | Quality: Fixed

This green goddess assists if you are feeling trapped, limited and in fear. Malachite is the ultimate clearing crystal, helping you to let go of emotional baggage, clear what you are holding onto physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

The supreme heart activator, Kunzite assists in healing and clearing past events, traumas and stories from the heart. She opens your heart if you’re
shut down and can reprogram and change your heart’s behaviour.

This is the stone of the Scorpion, the ultimate crystal when in your moody and broody Scorpio space. Sunstone lifts your vitality and is the chief crystal of regeneration. It brings optimism, self-confidence and leadership.


Ruler: Saturn | Element: Earth | Quality: Cardinal

This is the stone of focus and intellect, but, more powerfully for you, it activates a high level of intuition and aids profound insight. Azurite actually penetrates the limitations and boundaries that you place on yourself, giving freedom and foresight.

The boundaries and inhibitions Capricorns can experience can be huge, thanks to Saturn, but Opal is a divine gift who can pierce, dissolve and purify them. Opal nurtures and supports you, enhances
your emotions and softens your edges.

When you feel like you are lacking joy, light and abundance, grab some peridot. She increases warmth when you’re feeling cold, alone or stressed, and gifts you with the ultimate optimism and empowerment.


Ruler: Neptune/Jupiter | Element: Wate | Quality: Mutable

A must-have crystal, as it is the supreme psychic protector. Obsidian also helps you to see yourself in your truest reflection, take self-responsibility and mirror back the energies that aren’t yours or that you don’t want to take on.

A magical crystal that helps you to tap into your unique path of spiritual service — through the lens of being your truest, most individual self. This stone helps you to embrace all that is meant to be you. Charoite can support you in being more grounded when needed.

Black Tourmaline
This is a strong crystal ally to work with that not only protects and purifies but also helps you to align and activate to the divine light you have within. Black Tourmaline assists in cutting cords of attachment, anchors you and helps you to reclaim your power.

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