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Your astrological guide to 2012


March 20 to April 19
After the wild ride of 2011, 2012 begins with an earthier, more focused energy and only shifts into fast forward mid-year. Aries is in the “hot spot” and most Rams enjoy that … born to burn with passion and flash with energy. Yet March 23–30 sets the theme and that theme includes plenty of patient anticipation from late January to May. Impatiently ramming ahead in these months could simply waste time or money, depleting energy and health. Your ruler Mars has other plans for you. An excellent opportunity for practical action becomes clear in mid-March but will work best in mid-May. Dancing attendance on many small details will probably hold you back until then but it will boost your incomings. Meet these demands with good humour and you will have all you need to succeed as you rocket through June to October. July unfolds relationships, travel opportunities, learning projects and may highlight obstacles, too. August puts your love of life into the spotlight, providing sudden chances to prove yourself. September 30 hosts Full Moon in Aries and is the climax of perhaps the most demanding or confronting two weeks of your year. Be content to shine inwardly and tone down your need to be right. Grace and humour should not be underrated in the last quarter year; they are your friends. This is particularly true from mid to late November when a solar eclipse and a stressed Mars mean choose courage over melodrama! From October 9 until mid-December, you are almost a blur. It’s superhero time with an array of goals that would overwhelm a less fiery soul. For you, the movement and challenge are your bliss.

April 20 to May 20

With Jupiter the “Greater Fortune” in Taurus, the first five months of 2012 have a phenomenally creative energy. Satisfaction and rewards come easily in both your working life and personal relationships. If there is ever a time to supercharge an existing relationship or reach out for new love, it is now. Golden opportunities are: February 17–19 and 25–28, March 5–15, April 22–25, April 29 to May 4 and May 10–15. There is a change of pace on May 16 when Lover Venus goes retro for six weeks — a time to investigate your options, not to initiate big spending or to commence home renovation. Contracts and ceremonies are not well suited to this period, either. You can breathe new life into all your communication now. Sometimes shy or self-protective, you often hold things back and these weeks encourage you to share more of yourself. A theme for 2012 was set by New Moon in Taurus on April 21, strongly supported by Mars and Pluto. This means you claim more of your power and drive this year, proving your capacity at work and deepening intimacy with those close to you. Take note of June 30, August 15–16 and September 1–3, 19 and 27–30 as times to beware spoiling a good thing! By Taurus Full Moon on October 30 you are fired up by enterprising zeal and ready for a new level of commitment in a partnership. Making money and goals for spending are important to you but a solar eclipse in your partner sign on November 14 says seek fulfilment in the simple pleasures of life and love.

May 21 to June 21

Lover Venus gets this special year off to an exciting start with the chance of a grand adventure January 1–8. Further highlights of your social calendar occur February 2–19. If you are planning to move house, try to do so before January 24 or wait until after mid-April because many complications could arise in that interim period, including much-needed home repairs. Then there is the sweet touch of Venus in Gemini from April 4 until July 8. This long visit includes a Venus retro phase from May 16 to June 28. Now relationships deserve more of your attention — introspection to see where you may have been blind to your partner’s needs or over-intellectualising emotional issues at home and work. Be aware that May 26–27 and 31, June 12 and 24–25 are particular times when being impractical or insensitive is unfortunate; likewise September 7–9 and December 17–18. In 2012, aim to reach a cautious compromise if conflict occurs. In this year of reaping karma, inner work pays rich dividends. From the May 21 Gemini solar eclipse to the November 29 Gemini Full Moon eclipse, you are in the final phase of a karmic cycle that began June 2011. Timely realisations allow you to leave behind aspects of your life not in keeping with your deeper values. In addition, your most fortunate cycle in 12 years runs from June 2012 until June 2013 when Jupiter, planet of opportunity, transits Gemini. If you have been considering further study, upskilling or a big move, the time has come. From December 20, it is all about love and relationship and a kick-back end to your year.

June 22 to July 22

As the super-sensitive cardinal Water sign, you find your stride and accomplish something important to you in this year when the cardinal axis of the zodiac reverberates with challenge. With power issues near the surface of relationships as planet Pluto dominates and radical change is ready to ignite your worldly roles for years, from June, this is a wake-up call on a grand scale. Other people may be against some of the plans you embrace but it is up to you and your deepest values to plot your path ahead. Partners and friends express appreciation in early January but there could also be dissent. From January 14 to 23 a natural communication flow will allow you to make your plans more practical and share exciting ideas. Since January 23 is a New Moon and the beginning of a revision phase for your ideas, allow these to “cook” until mid-April. A peaceful environment is very important to you, so limit debates and controversial discussions during February, March. Good travel and study opportunities occur February 14–28 and March 5–15. From June 21 to July 4’s Full Moon, your energy builds tremendously. Yet June 24 and 30 need a gentle touch to maintain peace. Cancer New Moon on July 19 follows a challenging few days but suggests a year ahead that features new connections, spiritual expansion and a very special relationship. Despite the demands of home and security you will take an independent stand on a choice important to your future development. Challenges may come between September 21 and 30, around November 23 or December 26. Yet December 28’s Full Moon in Cancer holds the image of a happy blend of love and business to come.

July 23 to August 22

For the life-loving Lion January has a pleasant sensuality but demands escalate after January 20. Aim for a pleasure break near February 8’s Full Moon in Leo when a party animal Venus holds sway. The Venus period to March 5 sweetens travel but if a wildly inspired plan takes shape around February 10, it could be trouble! Finances will need a review in these months and avoid big spending from January 24 to April 18. Favour simple pleasures, particularly in March when your life roles and career blossom with loving attention. From April 21 to May 17 you can capitalise on the efforts and contacts of March. This is a creative ideas year for Leo and March 25 evokes intuitive collaboration or plants seeds of an unusual event. The flowering and fulfilment of this occurs around July 31. Since July 22–31 is a high-energy Leo time, favouring rich connections with others, this is a natural for promotion. With Communicator Mercury retro in Leo from July 15 to August 8, it is also the time to look behind the scenes and find excesses to trim, errors to correct. With your Leo New Moon of August 18–30 or September 17–26, with Venus in Leo, your best launch date can be found for any enterprise. From early October, family, home and security are your focus and you develop some fun ideas in the second half of December. Serious Saturn and the Karmic Axis will accent the home zone for two years. As this new era begins, remember to combine enterprise with a degree of caution for the growth, progress and reform you seek to be successful.

August 23 to September 22

Is there no challenge your practical mind fears? It seems not, with martial Mars in Virgo since November 2011 and remaining until July 2012. Mars brings mixed blessings and you could get rather obsessive, going out of your way to fix a perceived problem. Beware overdoing it, particularly if someone else is the focus. January 24 to April 14 is the retro Mars cycle that is likely to mean a time to back off and rethink plans of action. In any case, late February, March evokes your best insights and February 4 rings long-term relationship changes when Neptune begins its 13-year process. Now compassion and tenderness are the most appropriate responses as someone in your life reveals their more vulnerable side: April 6–8, May 31 to June 5, June 25, August 24 and September 2 are worth noting in your diary as the biggest tests. June ends your year-long travel and adventure theme and May is shaping up as an important get-away month. Guru Mercury votes for this as well, so there will be no stopping you! Do get some kind of break now because giant Jupiter begins a vocation-expanding 12 months on June 12. Yet any growth in your worldly roles will depend on the right kind of fellowship with others. Business or love partnerships could be under pressure but it will be beneficial to reconcile your differences because the consequences of disunity are too destructive. Ordinary love can be transformed into an extraordinary union with new levels of communication emerging in late August, taking off with Virgo New Moon on September 16. You mine rich emotional treasures between October 11 and December 22, with late November the transformation point.

September 23 to October 22

With the demands life is placing on you, you can see where your own choices play a part but what about the quirky behaviour of others and deep transformations in your private life? A modest, accepting attitude to things you can’t control is a good idea. Saturn in Libra amplifies work and obligations but often delays rewards, while Uranus generates a restless energy in relationships in 2012. Planet Venus helps you to shine as a social butterfly in the first half of January; Sun further sweetens life in February, while March provides insights into others but tests your patience. Take note of January 9 and 27, February 10, March 25 and 30 as some of the dates that can trigger underlying tensions into conflict. Move warily. During the Full Moon in Libra period around April 7, relationships need extra-careful handling. Saturn brings out the hard taskmaster, so be modest in your expectations of yourself and others and renew your commitments mid-April. Rushing is pointless from February 8 to June 25, when background work matters most. This attitude will make life more peaceful: learn to relax more, take mental health breaks and know that your birthday month has a special treat. Good get-away times are February 17–19, May 28–29, July 2–11 and 22–31, plus October 9–16, which includes the kick-start of New Moon in Libra. Any long trips are best left until July when travel and learning opportunities extend through until mid-2013. The big news is that on October 6, Saturn’s challenges leave your sign. From October 29 to November 22 the pleasures of convivial gatherings and loving times come thick and fast.

October 23 to November 22

Dynamic relationships continue to feature in your life, with Jupiter opening doors, ushering you into new public roles. You must review your social goals and associations from late January to mid-April but it’s March that makes sense of many things. In mid-March your visibility and influence soar; allies appear, helping you to reach a goal that has been getting closer by degrees since July 2011. Then from Scorpio Full Moon of May 6 to May 17, you achieve your best results as Mars and Pluto stir strong support. When he dubbed it “the most powerful sign of the zodiac”, astrologer Grant Lewi was referring to the fact that Scorpio is a force to be reckoned with when that famous willpower is applied. Now is an excellent time to apply it! June 21 to August 31 can be a loving and luscious delight if you understand that your security comes from within. If you depend too much on others around June 24–30 or July 15–19, plans come unstuck and important details are overlooked. In August, Lover Venus eases you into adventure, direct communication opens career doors, business and travel possibilities expand. You are in your full Mars power from August 26 to September 16 — intuitive and receptive yet determined. September brings a new 18-month karmic cycle that will boost your social standing. Then business planet Saturn enters Scorpio in October and a hard-working two years begins. A special Scorpio New Moon — a total solar eclipse on November 14 — takes you to the next level. This adds up to an opportune, demanding and karmic mix, which requires the very best of Scorpio’s penetrating insight to see the true path forward.

November 23 to December 21

The coming year brings discipline and tedious tasks that test the playful Archer. From January 22 to June 4’s Full Moon/eclipse in Sagittarius, it is mostly the demands of your own ambition and financial goals that drive you. Dreaming of the future but caught in the preparation stage could prove to be thematic. Fear not, late January to mid-April is a retrospective loop providing a perfect chance to detect errors and make corrections that help your career. If you wish for more satisfying work, this is the time to focus on the background details. It may be paperwork, study or updating your skills but it is worth the effort. A rainbow of possibilities awaits you but it is not until fortunate Jupiter enters your partner sign on June 12 that your story unfolds. Great contacts come in March but may not work for you until May. This might be a good thing, since March 12 to mid-April could demand you rethink a creative or home-based project. Love and partnership leap onto centre stage via Venus from now until early August. This has a tricky patch from May 15 to June 28 when Venus is retro and matters of the heart or business agreements reveal any shaky foundations. Shore up these foundations now and preferably wait until July to formalise new partnerships. July 22 to August 30 features fortuitous meetings and timely connections and August 18–21 may begin the adventure of a lifetime. Spreading your wings is timely. If you don’t spoil a good thing September 7–9 or October 4–8, then Sun and Jupiter will take you on a thrilling ride from October 9 to your December 13 New Moon.

December 22 to January 19

So many powerful forces to contend with yet the Mountain Goat can master even difficult terrain. Your staying power and canny skills of negotiation are even stronger now. Capricorn New Moon on Christmas Day geared you up for a powerful 2012, heralding changes to come. With Pluto in Capricorn linked harmoniously to a helpful Jupiter since July 2011, financial returns are boosted, with the best results by mid-March 2012. Happily, generous Jupiter remains in your love and creativity zone until mid-June. This ups the happiness factor in all you do and helps to compensate for the difficult demands of Saturn. A big learning curve in the form of new work or a new role has marked the past two years and this Saturn “apprenticeship” ends in October. Keep your thoughts on the basic requirements of your current situation, have a quiet heart and adequate rest, and if circumstances are against you, know that this is temporary. It is late January, late March, late June, mid-July and late September when short trigger aspects may step up the pressure. Partnership is under the microscope from June 12 to September 6 when you are challenged by home or family shifts. As Saturn prepares to leave its long “square” to Capricorn, it may be time to share more decisions. Stonewalling partners on contentious issues is a dangerous tactic. Open, creative connecting is easier once Saturn enters your friendship zone in October and joins forces with a compassionate Neptune. This will improve business communication as well. Feelings flow readily now, softening resistance, soothing your worries. October 11 to December 22 is a heart-opening time, with November 25–27 particularly fruitful.

January 20 to February 18

With Saturn supporting your success but Uranus changing the agenda daily, life is a moving experience. As a fixed Air sign, your easy sociability is the dressing on a fixed temperament and you like to be the one driving any changes. Not so now when regular surprises are just part of the serendipity landscape. Aquarius New Moon on January 23 squares off to Jupiter. This means your desire for unimpeded action is blocked by expanded home, family or security demands. In late April/May a powerful new domestic cycle begins but you have some resistances to go through first in February. The process is helped by big realisations in March. With Lover Venus in a retro phase from May 16 to June 28, you question certain feelings but eventually reaffirm your commitment around mid-June. Since June also starts a year of expanded interests and a creative rush, you are able to better enjoy the unpredictable shifts and are quicker to weave them into your plans. July 5–11 and 22–31 encourages deep connections, fun and frivolity as well. By Full Moon in Aquarius on August 2, a new chapter in your Jupiter story unfolds, now not blocked but assisted to better define and explore what mentally stimulates you. Make the most of this in August/September because in October things get more demanding when Saturn enters your career sign. Be co-operative but also listen to your calm inner voice for success in this last quarter year. Avoid selfish motives and embrace the Aquarius motto of giving help with as little ego attached as possible. You will burn the brighter for your willingness to depend on others in November and attract people whose aims are similar to yours.

February 19 to March 19

The sign of the Fish has rare imaginative skills and subtle feeling depths that are set to gain higher value in 2012 when Neptune enters its home sign, Pisces, on February 4. This planet of inspiration and vision will stay in Pisces for over 12 years and carries healing energy. Planet Jupiter adds extra-good fortune for six months: a happy blend of better self-promotion skills and a more inspiring life cycle. In a business sense, you can improve your image; in relationships, lighthearted enjoyment sweetens things. Plans involving a romantic or business partner could backslide from late January to mid-April — patient anticipation is the key. Yet February 19–20, 25–28 and March 5–6 likely evoke great happiness. March 12 to April 4 has a looking-back theme, perhaps returning people from your past. March 13–15 opens an important conversation or agreement; or revisits a much-loved project. In late May, early June, family issues could implode and from mid-June Jupiter challenges arise, pulling your attention to home and security matters. Be attentive on June 24–25 and 30, plus July 3–4 and 18–19, August 5 and 15, as these days require caution. Emotions run high when Venus transits your love sign from August 8 to September 6; creative energy peaks and many pleasant gatherings occur. Best dates are August 10–11 and 26–31 when Full Moon in Pisces offers perfect party energy. In addition, September 3–6, October 9–26 and December 27–31 support travel or promotional plans. What serves you best in such a year is the attitude evoked when watching a glorious sunset: appreciate the Beauty, know it will pass and enjoy the lovely time for what it is.


Christine Broadbent

Christine Broadbent

Christine Broadbent has over 30 years’ experience in her field and loves astrology for its healing and timing strengths. She offers in-person readings in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland, plus phone, Skype or Zoom sessions worldwide. Christine also leads workshops and Embodied Astrology Retreats in Australia and New Zealand. Are you interested in a September 2021 Retreat on Magnetic Island? See or phone (+61) 402664101 (AU).

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