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Unlocking Inspiration & Productivity with the Power of Crystals

The Power of crystals can help harness the creative process. These minerals hold energy and, as we are beings made of energy, we can positively interact with them, allowing them to affect our mood, our inspiration and our focus.

Every creative knows that there are few things more daunting than the blank page. A feeling of being creatively stuck or blocked can seem hard to get over. Likewise, a sense of floating — of not knowing which direction to go in next — can impact one’s ability to create. Crystals can help push you through that pain and lead you to greater creative productivity and satisfaction.

Choosing your crystal

Some of our favourite crystals with known creative benefits include:

Carnelian: This fiery crystal is all about creation, passion and desire — three things which are vital to the creative process. Carnelian is high in energy and motivation, as well as providing holders with courage and bravery.

Clear quartz: Clear quartz is an easy-to-use, accessible crystal that can amplify both energy and ideas. This makes it invaluable for creatives who may want to add layers to their projects.

Malachite: Clarity of direction and confidence can be yours with the power of malachite. This rich green stone invites new perspective and ideas into your creative world.

Lapis lazuli: This darker blue crystal can be flecked with mysterious gold, giving it a celestial appearance. Lapis lazuli opens the third eye and stimulates the throat chakra. It can assist with clear thinking and creative imagination, which makes it perfect for any artistic pursuit.

Citrine: Amplify your creative energy with transparent yellow citrine. This crystal removes negative energy and promotes willpower and motivation, leaving you ready to create.

Apatite: Clear your third eye and communicate creativity, wisdom and truth with apatite. This ocean-coloured crystal is a motivating wonder that helps you tap into your intuition and your creative heart.

Pyrite: Draw good things to your creative work with glimmering silver pyrite. Pyrite can be used to help you achieve your creative dreams by assisting with manifestation and offering new energy for your work. This is the crystal of abundance and can be used to promote new ideas.

Tangerine quartz: When seeking new ideas, the clear orange tangerine quartz is a valuable crystal. This inspires your imagination and invites a playful sense of creativity.

Preparation and use

Once you have chosen your crystals, it’s important to charge them. This is due to the way that crystals react to energy. For example, if you have a crystal that protects you from negative thoughts, the crystal may then retain negative thoughts it has protected you from over time, thus diluting its efficiency. Charging or activating your crystals periodically will cleanse them and ensure they remain prime for use.

You can charge your crystal by bathing it in the light of the sun for a minimum of thirty minutes. You could also bathe your crystal in the light of the full moon by placing them on the ground under its light, filling them with lunar energy.

Crystals can also be charged using the power of the earth. Dig a small hole in the ground and fill a jar or pot with the soil you have removed. Place your crystal inside the jar with the soil, then place the jar in the ground and cover the hole, leaving a small marker so that you can remember where you have buried it. Keeping your crystal in ground for a week will ensure it has adequate charge.

Saging is another method used to charge crystals and can be achieved by holding smouldering sage sticks over your crystals for a 2-3 minute period.

Once you have charged your crystal, you are ready to use it. Hold the crystal you are working with and set an intention for it. Repeat your intention aloud as you press the crystal to one of your chakras, then keep it near your creative workspace as a visual reminder of your intent.

Article featured in WellBeing Creativity #8

Lauren Clarke

Lauren Clarke

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