Libra in 2011


The first half of 2011 brings significant restructuring within your closest relationships. Saturn in your sign and Jupiter in your opposite sign create a see-saw-like tug between “me” and “we”. Relationship events this year are designed to help you consciously and clearly define your true priorities, personally and in partnership.

Saturn settled into your sign last year and many Libras have already had a taste of his serious, maturing energy. Saturn helps you get back to basics, so you’ll get really clear on where you are overcommitted or using energy for little reward. You are growing up under this transit and 2011 brings opportunities to take on greater responsibility as others acknowledge your wisdom and experience. Your personal challenge is to be selective about who and what you choose to commit to. As a natural people pleaser, Saturn’s transit through your sign helps you develop backbone to remain firm about what’s right for you when others want your time or energy.

Energy planet Mars helps you drive forward with professional plans from August 4 to September 20. This once-in-two-years transit gives you a confidence boost, helping you take action about those career objectives you’re sometimes too nervous to attempt. Boldness breeds success on the job now, so let your enthusiasm guide you.

Your ruler Venus is fleet-footed this year, whipping through one-and-a-quarter turns of the heavens. You’ll follow suit, Libra, and will find life moving at a faster pace than usual. In particular focus are your communication skills and your ability to express yourself (January 8 to February 5 and November 3 to 27) as well as your home, family and domestic desires (February 5 to March 3 and November 27 to December 21).

Soulful Neptune dips into your health and daily routines zone from April 5 to August 5, ushering in a new era in everyday life. You may find a flexible schedule that honours your moods and works better than a rigid timetable. Build flexibility into your work schedule where you can. Neptune can create lethargy and tiredness, so if you need more rest, take it. On the flip side, you’ll notice a growing need to incorporate spiritual elements — such as yoga, meditation or quiet contemplation — into daily life. Swimming and stretching may be ideal substitutes for intense gym workouts.


Your finance zone is less energised than others in 2011. This doesn’t mean you’ll have no cash, just that things here are more likely to continue as they are rather than go through significant change. That said, Venus, Mercury and the Sun light up this space from October 10 to November 22.

October is perfect for organising financial papers and confirming the details of any and all financial contracts to which you’ve put your signature. Little things make a big difference to your financial position then, so save extra where you can and make sure you have the best Deals possible for your situation. If you’re overdue for a pay rise or promotion, Mercury’s influence through October helps you have the necessary conversations to discuss changes.

The Sun’s influence in November helps you take charge of your finances and hold your own with partners or advisors. Remember, this is your money and it should be your informed choice as to what happens to it and when. The New Moon of October 26 is a particularly great time to start new plans or implement updated strategies around earning, saving and investing your money.

Home + family

Power planet Pluto, currently in your domestic zone for an extended stay, is joined twice by affectionate Venus in 2011. The periods from February 5 to March 3 and November 27 to December 21 are ideal for improving both your physical living space and your family relationships. You’ll want togetherness with relatives and flatmates then, and will be prepared to broker a peace treaty to help everyone get along.

Venus adds romance and beauty into your home life through these periods, making them perfect for redecorating or sharing more of your private space with that special partner. You’ll also enjoy opening your home to others through these times, so plan to host an extra soiree or two now if you can. Revamping your personal living space now helps give you a solid foundation from which to shine at other times throughout the year.

Jupiter aspects Pluto from February 22 to March 2 and this time brings change and adjustment within home and family settings. Even though you know what you want, being controlling or obsessive will create family tension under this influence. Stick to the facts and honour your truth, and adjustments made now will help create a more inspiring energy at home and with family.

Creativity + children

Mars gives you courage and confidence to express your creativity from January 16 to February 24. This once-in-two-years cycle boosts your productivity in areas where you are truly inspired. Creativity in this sense refers to anything you do where you can get completely lost in the moment — it doesn’t have to be classical creative outlets such as writing or dancing (though it can be!).

Children are a great inspiration though this time. Notice how the little ones in your world get so involved in their present activity they don’t worry about what’s happening next. Doing something artistic, even taking in a show, can help you detach from reality in healthy, reinvigorating ways. Mars is about movement and the areas in which you really need to move (which also means be decisive) right now are having fun and learning for the sake of satisfying curiosity rather than achievement. An important date for opening to the muse is February 21, when Mars and Neptune align in this sector.

Soulful Neptune temporarily exits your creative zone from April 5 to August 5. You’ll have renewed clarity around how you’d like to be creative in the world through this time and may find it easier to make supportive connections based on being inspired with an open heart. Fresh ideas about your dealings with children help you make choices that you’d previously thought not possible.


This area is one of your most active in 2011 as both Uranus and Jupiter trigger this space. Innovative Uranus settles into your partnership zone on March 13 for a seven-year stay. Many Libras will go through rollercoaster-ride-like experiences of change in relationships under this influence. Uranus brings opportunities for liberation, so if you’re simply treading water in a relationship long past its use-by date, Uranus will provide the situations or desire for freedom to help you cut ties.

If you’re in an established relationship, Uranus helps you shake up entrenched routines and bring back the excitement. If you make it all about trying new things and getting out of your comfort zone, Uranus will provide the electricity to help jump-start your relationship. Single? Uranus brings many opportunities for short-term, enlivening experiences.

Typically Uranus/relationship-sector combinations manifest in on/off or hot/cold love energy. Rather than hoping for a partner to come home to every night, enjoy the spontaneous chances you get to be with those you love and then, when you do have time apart, make the most of it.

Expansive Jupiter helps open doors in love as he transits your relationship sector from January 22 to June 5. This once-in-12-years energy brings opportunities to experience more of the full spectrum of possibilities relationships have to offer. Doing so naturally asks that you devote more time and energy to those significant others in your world — or if single, to the journey around meeting potential partners.

With Jupiter in your seventh house of relationships, you get more attention from others, in that fun, flattering, flirty kind of way. Business partnerships also grow under this influence, as Jupiter doesn’t discriminate between intimate and professional relationships. Working on projects in pairs, or developing client relationships, can be more successful now.

Key aspects from Jupiter bring powerful energies into your relationships through the first few months of 2011. Jupiter links to Pluto February 22 to March 2 and transformation that completely reworks your home and relationship lives becomes possible. Growth in relationships can conflict with family or domestic plans. Honouring your true beliefs about partnerships is the way through any power struggles or controlling situations that arise with significant others now. On the flip side, new experiences in relationships may give you the courage to make those necessary changes to your living situation or within family dynamics.

Jupiter links to Saturn March 28 to 31 and events around these dates act as the catalyst for helping you clarify true needs and commitments in relationships. The see-saw between commitment and adventure swings, so try to keep your approach to relationships balanced. Hopes and dreams for romance must be tempered with reality and practical limitations. Keep your feet on the ground and all things are possible. If you’ve gone too far out on a limb for love, this transit brings you back to real life.


Curious Mercury helps you move beyond fear into a place of experimentation between June 3 and 22. New locations and opportunities for learning grab your attention now, so make more of an effort to open yourself to the new. Travel refers to both literal trips as well as mental opening, through study or teaching. Your organisational skills are supercharged now, so use this detailed energy to plan your next big adventure, take a short trip or two or finally sign up for that interesting program you’re keen to take.

Energetic Mars boosts your enthusiasm for getting off the beaten track between June 22 and August 4. You’ll be restless with routines and crave a change in pace through this period. Deep down, you’re looking for new meaning in a life that’s all too familiar and you know that new places and new ideas will help jump-start a much-needed fresh perspective. Let your frustrations about the way things are fuel your passion for adventure now. Since Mars is your personal planet of relationships, this is also a great time to enjoy holiday romances or get away on an exciting trip with your long-term love.


Communication planet Mercury retrogrades (moves backwards) through your social sector from August 3¬–25, and misunderstandings with mates are likely. Friendships are in focus July to September as you question your commitment to groups and community organisations. Your hobbies are meant to be a passion, but if you’re getting too involved in planning and have less time for the enjoyment side of things, Mercury’s retro influence through August helps you make changes. Mercury’s retrograde highlights the need for review, and for you in August, Libra, it pays to take a closer look at the balance between give and take in all your friendship and social networks. If you and a close friend do get your wires crossed through this time, be patient, explain and move on. It’s not worth holding a grudge. Double-check dates and details for significant social events that fall within this period.

Confident Mars helps you win hearts and charm others from September 20 to November 12. You’ve got extra get-up-and-go for your mates and social connections now — make the most of it! Others look to you for leadership in group settings, so don’t let your people-pleasing tendencies hold you back. You instinctively know what would work at some level for most of the people in your different circles, so tell them.


August 22 to September 26 is your most spiritual period this year, as the Sun, Mercury and Venus all trigger your 12th House then. As it’s also the month before your birthday, it’s important to take time out from your daily grind and relax.

You’re curious about spiritual concepts through this time and keen to learn more about what it means to be spiritual. Seek out mentors, books and classes to satisfy your need for more information. You’ll also want to share what you’re learning with those you love and trust, so grab a friend or your partner and bring them along somewhere esoteric (even if it’s just to your local alternative bookstore).

Your awareness of energy and intuition deepens now as you realise you have special insight on which to draw when making decisions. Listening to your gut is important now — emotionally and physically. With the earth sign of Virgo ruling your spiritual zone, energetic practices that balance body and mind — yoga — are ideal.

Planetary cycles

The following section gives you specific information regarding this year’s planetary cycles and how they may affect you.

If you are born September 23 to 28, unconventional Uranus makes a challenging opposition to your Sun. While Uranus is known to create chaos, he also enlivens and electrifies life. While you’ll have blasts of unexpected development, you’ll also experiences flashes of brilliant insight. Forget tradition and start exploring the best path forward for you.

If you are born September 28 to October 1, intense Pluto makes a difficult square to your Sun. Pluto equals transformation, so this is a great year in which to make like a snake and shed your skin to reveal the new you. Power and control themes are in focus under Pluto so take particular note of situations in which you feel controlled or empowered. 2011 asks that you spend time, like a caterpillar, in a cocoon, so that you can ultimately emerge transformed like the butterfly. Harnessing your own creative power is key to your personal evolution this year.

If you are born October 4 to 22, serious Saturn passes over your Sun. This sometimes testing transit helps you mature. Boundaries, limits and responsibility are calling cards of Saturn. The Sun symbolises your identity and Saturn’s link to the Sun helps you redefine who you are. Be prepared to bring certain involvements to an end to help you create space for your new direction.

If you are born October 20 to 24, soulful Neptune makes a supportive trine aspect to your Sun. Neptune symbolises dreamtime and under this influence you’ll long for time to imagine, create and get in touch with your spiritual side. Life becomes less about doing and more about being as your intuitive self emerges. Creative energy is strong, though you may at times find the lines between reality and fantasy blurred.

The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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