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The meaning of a volcano in a dream

Volcano in a dream

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The first and most obvious meaning of a volcano in a dream that comes to mind is of “erupting” emotions, especially anger. Volcano dreams may appear when you are angry, but also when you’re anxious or stressed, and can indicate a feeling of mounting tension. If you feel like the dream is full of fear and anxiety, this may be a reflection of feelings you are having in waking life. When this is the case, look to other areas of the dream for signs and hints to help manage or resolve the causes of this anxiety. Remember that, as volcanoes erupt, they can help purge blockages, so volcano dreams may imply a release of tension or a resolution of a problem.

A volcano in a dream may have little to do with anger or anxiety, however, and may relate more to two other important characteristics of volcanoes: one, that they are a channel for things from deep within the earth to be released at a surface level; two, that the active component of volcanoes – fire and lava – all share the same qualities of being able to create as well as destroy.

Let’s consider the first characteristic in relationship to dreams. If volcanoes are a channel for things deep inside to come to the surface, how might this be a reflection of what is going on your life? While it may indicate deep emotions coming out after being suppressed, volcanoes might also indicate an important new knowledge that is becoming clear, or developing profound new depths of self-awareness. To better understand how this might relate to your own particular dream, consider how close you are to the volcano, and how active it is. Is it in the distance, something you are trying to get to? This could indicate a quest for self-understanding, but something you are only just beginning. Or maybe you are standing right on top of the crater, looking into the red hot lava bubbling and ready to explode. This may symbolise you are on the cusp of big revelation, a significant change could be about to occur.

If volcanoes are a channel for things deep inside to come to the surface, how might this be a reflection of what is going on your life?

The second characteristic is the power of fire or lava to destroy the old in order to make way for the new. This can be scary but it is not necessarily a bad thing. We often have to “destroy” bad habits before taking up new healthy ones, to let go of self-limiting beliefs before embracing a new perspective of life. Fire can be cleansing, so a volcano in a dream could be a sign of spiritual or psychological growth.

When volcanoes have calmed down they have changed the face of the earth, they can leave islands in the sea where there once were none, they can create mountains and craters and fertile valleys. So volcano dreams can also be symbols of creativity, sometimes in a frighteningly forceful way. But if you can be prepared for the awesome power that is potential within you, when it is unleashed you can be more aware and then be able to direct the power to your own goals, instead of wildly erupting and possibly wasting such incredible energy.

Volcano dreams can be expressions of anxiety and a warning against extreme emotions, but they can also be a powerful symbol of potential and transformation. If you heed the lessons of your volcano dream and act wisely, you can harness as an extraordinary creative opportunity.

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Amy Campion is a writer, speaker, workshop facilitator and dream coach who works globally with people using their dreams, intuition, imagination and consciousness. She is the founder of The Dream Well, a website dedicated to helping people understand and become experts of their own dreams. She also runs an online course on sacred dreaming, which includes lucid dreaming, shamanism, Tibetan dream yoga, dream incubation and a variety of other approaches. Amy holds the following qualifications: BA (Hons) Comm Arts, Post Grad Cert (Strategic Foresight), Member IASD (International Association of the Study of Dreams).