Dreams of babies and children: what do they mean?

Dreams of babies and children & their symbolic meaning

Babies and children are symbolically connected to creativity. They represent the new, the idea that something that once never existed can be brought into the world through a sacred process. Closely related to this is the idea of care and nurturing; that vulnerable things can be kept safe and encouraged to flourish.

Caves and dark places in dreams: what do they mean?

Caves and dark places in dreams: what do they mean?

Going into a cave can be a journey of self-exploration that could be profoundly transformative. It is not unusual to dream of caves or underground when going through a significant learning or growth phase. The dark unknown can be a symbol for exploring something new, but it can also be a far more profound symbol of facing your deeper self.

Satsangh – the company of the good and its importance

Satsangh is a Sanskrit word meaning a sacred gathering or being in the company of good people. It is important because the company you keep rubs off and people become like each other. So if you are mixing with people who are negative you will start to think of yourself and others in negative terms. If you are already doing this it can be changed. This article explains why Satsangh is important and how to change things in your life.

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Sacred space in your home using Feng Shui

When was the last time you did something creative? Sung a song? Danced? Painted or sketched? All these things help increase your creativity, work on your second and fourth chakra and release good energy to your environment. What is happening inside is a reflection of what is outside of you and vice-versa.