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Hold the line

Aquaculture is espoused by some as the solution to our overfishing woes, but fish farming practices are presenting some problems of their own.


Ayurvedic beauty

In the Ayurvedic tradition, beauty treatments are more than just a luxury, they are a way of living. Adopt these intoxicating rituals into your lifestyle and enjoy the difference.


The Upside of Feeling Down

Are there any positives to feeling depressed or anxious? There certainly can be, if you know what to look for! Find relief and healing if you ae feeling down.


How to heal with journaling

Just the act of naming an emotion will help you move towards dealing with it, so imagine what writing about your feelings can do! Discover the healing power of journalling.


Gardening for Fitness

The garden brings peace, happiness and … exercise? Maintaining a garden can be just as physically demanding as playing a sport, so you should be sure to warm up properly to protect your back, wrist and knees.


Healing power of Om

The mediation chant, “om”, has links with healing and creativity. Find out what is happening in your body and mind when you utter this sacred sound.


In the company of angels

Countless books have been written about them, film and TV shows are fascinated by them and a large number of people believe in their existence. So what is it about angels that has us so enraptured?

Hilton health retreat

Health in the city

The Hilton provides a fabulous weekend health retreat for those who thought they knew it all. And for those who know nothing.