Chocolate Flavoured Stevia Syrup 500ml – Nirvana Organics

Nirvana Organics introduces an exciting new product range of Flavoured Stevia Syrups. Due to the popularity of Stevia Flavoured Liquid Drops – a demand for an easy to use bulk product arose and we are proud to offer a deliciously sweet sugar-free syrup made with the ‘Original’ Nirvana Organic Stevia. 11 café style syrups are available and it’s as easy as dispensing a couple of pumps to instantly make a sugar-free milkshake or flavoured milk.

The Chocolate Stevia syrup can be used to make hot chocolates, mochas, iced chocolate drinks or simply used as a delicious sugar-free chocolate topping on your favourite desserts! Add Nirvana Stevia Syrup flavours to smoothies, shakes, coffee, tea, desserts, cold beverages, protein shakes, yoghurt, desserts… The possibilities are endless! Nirvana Stevia Syrups are a low-calorie, low-carbohydrate, low GI, healthy and delicious syrup that can easily substitute the sugary and unhealthy alternatives.

WellBeing Team

WellBeing Team

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