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10594NAT Diploma of Mind Body Medicine (CRICOS Code: 094840D)

Diploma Of Mind Body Medicine Wellbeing

Our Mind Body Medicine (MBM) course teaches unique blend of mind and body skills that produces graduates who can go on to practice as Mind Body Practitioners. Many health approaches focus solely on the physical symptoms of illness, but Mind Body Medicine explores the relationship between the mind and the body simultaneously. Very often client problems stem from a common root – by using Mind Body Medicine you can learn how to discover these root drivers and encourage positive change. This course represents the culmination of 15 years of intense research into mind and body links. Our unique approach uses Chinese Medicine theory combined with Western Medicine to understand the likely psychology related to specific symptoms and signs. This course is holistic, combining the key areas of Chinese Medicine: channel theory, 5 element and Ba Gua theory, and diagnosis; with nutrition and diet therapy, kinesiology, and counselling techniques such as felt sense and focusing.

Our MBM course would suit people who want to work in health fields where an integrated mind body medicine approach is beneficial- such as working with long term chronic conditions, structural and pain related conditions, life change and psychological states.