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Exhaustion and how to get rid of it

Exhaustion and how to get rid of it

Do you feel like you are completely exhausted and burned out from too much work? It could be office work, house work or simply doing to much as mum’s taxi amidst your ‘to do’ list. You’re not alone. Here are some ways to help you get through those overwhelming feelings.

Life's Conflicting Emotions

How to navigate life’s conflicting emotions

You know that feeling when one part of your life is in a flat tailspin while another part is soaring to great heights? We are complex beings and capable of experiencing all the emotional seasons in one day like rain on a sunny day. Of course, this can be disorienting and draining, but the trick is knowing how to deal with life when we feel torn in two, feeling both good, bad and just a bit mixed up.


Connected — A Paradigm Shift In How We View Health — AndiLew

This book explains the difference between allopathy (medical model) and wellness. One is proactive and holistic and the other is reactive and mechanistic in its approach. We need both, but knowing when and how your body works to heal, when you give it the right environment, is key.

Throughout health history, we’ve been taught there’s a pill for every ill, but the power to be well lies in you. Reclaim your power to heal because you are the healer and the practitioner is the catalyst.

Healing And Coping With Depression

Healing and coping with depression

It’s been an unpredictable year, with many ups and downs and depression rates are three times higher than before the pandemic. Here, we take a look at one woman’s journey to a healthier mind. With the challenges we have had, mental health has become an ever-increasing issue for many people, young and old alike. According […]