mental health

yoga to de-stress

Yoga to de-stress and prevent burnout

How often in your daily life do you stop and take stock of what’s going on in your mind and physical body? A regular yoga practice can help you identify these signals before you hit a wall. It helps you slow down, breathe deeply, move assuredly and think with clarity.

Healing power of ocean

The healing power of the ocean

Oceans produce half of the world’s oxygen and absorb one-third of human-caused carbon dioxide emissions. Who doesn’t love a stroll on the beach or a swim in the waves? Being near the ocean provides a bounty of physical and psychological health benefits that you may not be aware of.

Clutter can affect your mental and emotional health

Clutter can affect your mental and emotional health

Clutter is junk we accumulate in our houses or offices and it is important to declutter and tidy up. Physically it helps our houses look tidier. Mentally and emotionally it also gives us the satisfaction of a clean environment creating space for new experiences in life. If you are uncomfortable with where you are at in your life it’s time to let go, get rid of the clutter and move on.

Free To Be Me

How to truly and authentically be yourself

Oscar Wilde is credited with saying, “Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.” Easier said than done, perhaps. In a world where we are expected to look and act in a certain way, we end up pleasing everyone but ourselves. In order to belong we bury our true selves and this can lead to despair. So how would it feel if the only role you play this lifetime is to just be yourself?