Byron’s hidden gem

Nestled in the lush tropical hinterland is the Byron Yoga Retreat Centre, the perfect place to enjoy your next yoga retreat.

With its influx of Hollywood stars and the infiltration of remote workers, some people are saying that Byron Bay is losing its alternative label and health-centred charm. However, you can still find an equitable option at Byron Yoga Retreat Centre. This peaceful eco haven is nestled in a forest setting just a short bike ride from Byron Bay’s beautiful beaches and colourful cafés.

Byron Yoga Retreat Centre has been around for more than 30 years and has flourished alongside the growth of the area. From its humble beginnings at a small studio near the beach, John Ogilvie has created the vibrant centre with its busy calendar of teacher trainings and retreats. Wherever you are on your yoga path, Byron Yoga Retreat Centre has a course or retreat for you.

Those new to yoga can opt for a wellness retreat, and those looking to springboard into change can join a longer one. If you are ready for a 200-hour training, this is the ideal location, and yoga teachers wanting to upskill can choose from a host of special courses too.

While the iconic town has continued its trajectory towards exclusivity, Byron Yoga Retreat Centre has retained its authenticity. The accommodation is basic, clean and comfortable. The focus is on the natural surroundings and the lush organic gardens.

Students on the residential teacher trainings reap the benefits of balancing the intensity of the course schedule with the tranquillity of the surrounds. Breaks are utilised with a dip in the mineral-salt swimming pool, a nap in the pagoda or a meander through the tropical garden. Students are nourished by the amazing meals and, if needed, sustained by the locally sourced coffee or refined sugar-free desserts.

In fact, the food is a highlight for many visitors. Byron Yoga Retreat Centre follows the principles of a SLOW diet: Seasonal, Local, Organic and Without processed foods. Retreat guests enjoy fresh produce direct from Byron Yoga Retreat Centre’s abundant organic garden and local suppliers. All meals are vegetarian, with gluten-free and vegan options.

 A retreat to suit you

Byron Yoga Retreat Centre’s retreats are for all levels of yogi. The style of yoga taught is Purna Yoga, a classical alignment-focused hatha yoga with intelligent sequencing. Purna, meaning integrated or complete in Sanskrit, represents Byron Yoga Retreat Centre’s holistic approach to yoga, integrating asana with yoga philosophy, meditation and pranayama.

Retreat programs offer the option of up to three yoga classes each day, with a morning flow, a mid-morning alignment-based class and an afternoon restorative or yin session. These nourishing afternoon classes help to deeply relax the body, balance the nervous system, release fascia and calm the mind.

The centre operates a rolling program, which means you can pretty much book any week of the year — just make your choice between an eight-day, five-day or three-day program.

Obviously the benefits of the longer retreat programs are exponential. The eight-day retreat offers the full spectrum of workshops and allows you time to develop your yoga and meditation practice. Most importantly, a full week at Byron Yoga Retreat Centre is a whole week of delicious healthy food and time to fully unwind and recharge. You will also have time to include some of the additional activities on offer, such as a surf lesson or kayak trip. Best of all, the eight-day retreat includes three complimentary massage treatments.

The five-day program has the key workshops that will help you refocus on your wellbeing, such as yogic philosophy and a cooking demonstration, and includes two massages.

The three-day weekend retreat offers the schedule highlights and one relaxing treatment. The programs are flexible so you can opt out of sessions if you prefer more pool or beach time.

For those looking to step outside the centre grounds, the beautiful Byron Bay beaches and the renowned lighthouse remain beacons of splendour. The walk up to the lighthouse at sunrise, often complete with sightings of dolphins and whales during migration season, is a highlight of the program for many of the retreat guests at Byron Yoga Retreat Centre.

However, some make plans to explore the area, but end up choosing not to leave the site and to simply enjoy the grounds and watch their next meal growing in the lush gardens instead.



With its holistic program and idyllic location, retreats with Byron Yoga Centre are designed to allow you to slow down, rest, recharge and develop healthy habits to take home.

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WellBeing Team

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