10687NAT Diploma of Sports Therapy Kinesiology (CRICOS Code: 099703F)

Combining Sports Therapy with Kinesiology is an extremely effective way to deal with musculoskeletal problems. Our new course embraces our unique approach to Kinesiology, which extends far beyond learning muscle monitoring techniques, to embracing energetic, neurological and Chinese Medicine principals as well as nutrition and other Complementary Health practices and insights. Combine this with orthopedic assessment, joint mobilisation, manual therapy techniques, and corrective exercises and you have a highly potent combination of skills for improving pain, physical performance and posture. This dynamic qualification gives you the skills to work on physical performance, pain and postural problems in an integrative way. Sports Therapy Kinesiology will appeal to anyone who is interested in becoming a practitioner that can work on physical structure problems in an integrative way, recognising that posture reflects a client’s movement patterns which in turn are reflective of their overall health, neurology and psychology. It is also a great upskill course for practitioners of other structural and sports medicine modalities looking to add Kinesiology to their skill set. This course is a good fit for those with a background in sports, personal training, massage, and fitness just to name a few.

WellBeing Team

WellBeing Team

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