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12 super fitness supplements

Keeping physically fit supports your mental health as well as keeping you healthy in a myriad of ways that make life better. The challenge is that getting fit can be challenging for an unfit body, so here are some effective and readily accessible supplements you can use to help your body on the path to fitness.

Mip Colostrum Powder, 80g Nu1180 1

MIP Colostrum, 80g Powder – Immune & Muscle Support, Digestive Health

NutriNZ MIP Colostrum is 100% pure and undiluted bioactive first milking colostrum, an incredible source of proteins, immunoglobulins, nutrients, vitamins and minerals. MIP Colostrum is the only 100% natural source of vital growth and healing factors and cannot be laboratory reproduced. It provides enriched biological activity to help strengthen the immune system, protect against pathogens and other invaders, supports digestion and bowel function, stimulates tissue building and improves recovery in fitness and sport – its nature’s perfect food!

10687NAT Diploma of Sports Therapy Kinesiology (CRICOS Code: 099703F)

Combining Sports Therapy with Kinesiology is an extremely effective way to deal with musculoskeletal problems. Our new course embraces our unique approach to Kinesiology, which extends far beyond learning muscle monitoring techniques, to embracing energetic, neurological and Chinese Medicine principals as well as nutrition and other Complementary Health practices and insights.