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Certificate IV Yoga Teaching – 12 Month Teacher Training

Byron Yoga Centre’s 12 month 800 hour Certificate IV Yoga Teacher Training Course represents one of the highest possible qualifications in yoga teaching that is recognised both in Australia and internationally.

The Certificate IV international yoga teaching course can qualify students for a 12 month international student visa. For more details on how to obtain a 12 month international student visa, which also allows you to work for 40 hours per fortnight in paid employment. This 12 month course qualifies Australian students for Austudy as it comprises of 20 hours of study each week. This 800 hour qualification offers the holistic approach of our signature yoga style, Purna Yoga, the teacher training courses at Byron Yoga Centre are comprehensive and thorough, covering the many diverse elements of yoga, including systematic analysis of the postures, the breathing techniques, as well as the more subtle branches of meditation, philosophy and ethics.

Katie Stow

Katie Stow

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