Organic Merchant Tea Wellness Gift Box

Wellness Tea Gift Set — Organic Merchant

The Organic Merchant Wellness Tea Gift Set is perfect for anyone who needs an energy and immune boost. Naturopathically formulated, this gift set includes four sample size portions of herbal teas designed to nurture health and wellbeing plus a stainless steel tea infuser perfect for a single cup. The four blends include; Energy Tea, Immune Tea, Cleansing Tea and Restful Tea. The Energy Tea blend is naturally sweet and softly spiced. It’s ingredients are designed to support the adrenals to regulate blood sugar and leave you feeling reinvigorated. Our Immune Tea is a restorative blend to fortify and boost your immune system – perfect for keeping colds and flu at bay. Our purifying Cleansing Tea is a light floral mint blend with a touch of ginger and is an effective detox tea. It provides a gentle system cleanse, supports kidneys, the lymphatics and the liver as well as making your skin feel beautiful and smooth. Finally our Restful Tea combines chamomile, lavender and lemon balm to help you relax your body, mind and soul by calming your nervous system.

Ayushi Shah

Ayushi Shah

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