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Teenage Resilience Groups


Are you worried about your teen and their mental health and well being?

Does your teen complain about feeling lost, disconnected and hopeless, they feel like they don’t fit in anywhere?

Has your teen withdrawn from you, their friends, and life?

Are they struggling to find their place?

Do they feel like they are a failure? They just can’t get it right?

Are they feeling isolated and alone?

Are they anxious, depressed, aggressive or anti social?

Working with horses has been demonstrated to helps teens build self-esteem, confidence, self-awareness, and skills in communication and forming healthy connections.

With wide-open space and the presence of gentle horses, teens often find it easier to communicate more freely than being confined to a room, one-on-one with a clinician.

Here, your teen will work with a qualified therapist and the horses in a calming, nonthreatening environment conducive to positive growth.