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Nirvana Stevia Extract Powder 30g – Nirvana Organics

Powder Extract

Nirvana Organics ACO Australian Certified Organic 100% pure Stevia Extract Powder is super concentrated and contains absolutely no additives! This handy pocket-size 30g pack of Nirvana Stevia contains 100% PURE Stevia Extract Powder and provides a massive 500 servings! One tiny (included) measuring spoon (1/35 tsp) of Stevia Extract Powder is the same sweetness as 1 teaspoon of sugar – so a little goes a long way due to its incredible sweetness!
We take pride in the fact that absolutely no blending is involved in manufacturing this product to make it cheaper or “bulk it out”. Many supermarket natural sweeteners that are marketed as ‘stevia’ may contain less than 5% stevia! This quality ACO certified organic sweetener has ZERO calories, ZERO carbs, LOW GI and is safe and suitable for those on diabetic, weight-management, gluten-free, vegan, paleo and keto diets.