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Emerald Scrub Oxygen

Emerald Breath deeply, take a breath of fresh air to gain clarify and calm. Emerald represents direction, freedom and liberation. It is the colour of the heart and love for others. It helps release frustration and anger. The scent is airy, woody and refreshing.


Blue Body Oil Peace

Blue brings peace by soothing the mind. Blue makes it easier to communicate and express your true feelings. The scent is peppery, clear and cooling.

White teeth for life program

White teeth for life program

Whiter teeth project health and wellness. Our aim is not to give you a safer, healthy beautiful smile for just today but for life. We developed our ‘White for Life’ program help you maintain your smile for life. At dental wellness we want to provide you with products and services that not only work well […]


Breathing Retraining Program

The keystone of health and wellness is healthy breathing, which requires the optimal growth of the upper jaw and nasal airway, and habitual calm breathing through the nose using the diaphragm. In our Breathing Retraining Program you will learn why poor breathing develops in the first place and the implications for your health. You will […]

Fluoride-free Preventive Program

Fluoride-free Preventive Program

Dentistry has always strived to be pro-active in preventive medicine. dental wellness has a natural program that does not involve the use of products containing; Fluoride, Triclosan, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and Propylene Glycol. The use of optimal nutrition, good oral hygiene and the use of GM free Xylitol products, Coconut oil and a range of […]


Meditation Teacher Training

This 4 night meditation teacher’s training retreat will enable you to deliver an eight week mindfulness based stillness meditation course from a facilitator’s manual. This is a wonderful opportunity to deepen your own meditation practice and become fully trained to help others learn to meditate.


Mindfulness Training for Health Professionals

This mindfulness training retreat is designed for Health practitioners from various disciplines who are interested in developing skills in practice to incorporate the use of mindfulness therapies. You will be introduced to a range of mindfulness practices and explore how mindfulness can form the core of a comprehensive approach to stress management, counselling and cognitive […]