MV SKINTHERAPY Rose Plus Booster

Rose Plus Booster — MV Skintherapy

Why You’ll Love It

This multi-award winning formulation is touted as liquid gold. A blend of precious rose oils works to hydrate and strengthen, encouraging clear skin and a dewy glow. Each bottle contains thousands of precious petals – picked only at dawn – from the exquisite Bulgarian Damask Rose. Based on the principle of ‘Less is More’, this impressive blend uses just 6 active plant oils, in high concentrations, and without any ‘fillers’. The result is a concentrated, therapeutic, and highly efficacious miracle oil. A fantastic therapy for sensitivity, dehydration, rosacea, inflammation, PCOS, hormonal skin conditions, and sunburn.

“If I’ve been in the sun I use MV Skintheraps Rose Plus Booster – it’s great for when skin is tender or inflamed from sunburn.” – Emma Watson

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The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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