Seasol Biochar with Zeolite 3.5kg

Seasol Biochar with Zeolite improves the soil structure and nutrient uptake for healthy soil and even healthier plants by combining four key natural extracts: Bio charcoal, Zeolite, Paramagnetic Rock and Seasol.

Biochar is a stable, carbon-rich form of charcoal that is applied to the soil. It helps to increase soil carbon content and could help to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. Biochar helps increase soil fertility and improves overall plant health and productivity by improving the soil structure and soil nutrient and water holding capacity. It also helps to increase an abundance of mycorrhizal and other fungi to assist nutrient uptake.

Zeolite is an organic mineral additive that attracts and retains nutrients, releasing them when the plant needs it, preventing soil nutrient leaching. Suitable for virtually all plants, it helps to build healthier plants, trees and lawn. It also provides a great balance of nutrients for optimal plant health, providing a steady flow over time even as it decomposes.

Paramagnetic Rock A major component of Biochar is the addition of rock minerals. Naturally occurring trace elements and minerals are found within the rock such as potassium, phosphorus, sulphur, magnesium among others. Not only do these minerals help the plants themselves, but also foster their symbiotic relationship with essential soil microbes. Rock minerals also provide a greater balance of nutrients for optimal health and vitality. Over time, it continues to deliver a steady flow of nutrients.

Seasol the seaweed solution, aids plant establishment and strong root development. The complete garden health treatment helps promote healthy growth and enhances flowering and fruiting. It also stimulates beneficial soil microbes and increases resistance to heat, drought, frost, pests and diseases. It can be applied regularly throughout the year and it’s safe on all plants, including natives.

WellBeing Team

WellBeing Team

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