Seasol Plant + Soil Booster 4kg

Seasol Plant + Soil Booster is a natural pelletised plant and soil treatment. It is a rich source of natural ingredients including seaweed and compost to boost soil health and growth in all plants including Natives.

Seasol Biochar with Zeolite 3.5kg

Seasol Biochar with Zeolite improves the soil structure and nutrient uptake for healthy soil and even healthier plants by combining four key natural extracts: Bio charcoal, Zeolite, Paramagnetic Rock and Seasol.

Garden Mist Duo

Evodia Garden Fragrance Mist

Evodia Garden Fragrance Mist is a bright, floral fragrance mist vibrant with rose and citrus, blossoming with geranium, grounded in natural patchouli. Spray as desired onto pulse points of neck, behind ears and wrists. Australian made and owned, cruelty free and vegan friendly. Free from parabens, sulphates and harsh petrochemicals. Every purchase goes towards The […]