chronic pain

A holistic approach to treating chronic pain

Chronic pain: What it is and how to treat it

Pain is a complex physical phenomenon that is intimately bound with emotions and mental states. When pain becomes chronic the consequences are far-reaching and profound. You don’t have to just mask pain though, as there are gentle yet powerful natural approaches that have proven positive effects in relieving chronic pain.


How, and why, do we feel pain?

Warning: This blog involves some neuroscience. You might even change your own brain while reading it. Intrigued? Read on! The topic of neuroplasticity gets me really excited. The science is completely fascinating (even if you’re not a nerd!) and there has even been studies that have shown that simply learning about how pain works may […]

Low back pain

What causes low back pain?

Up to 80% of Australians will suffer from low back pain at some point in their lives. Of that 80%, about half will experience recurring incidents of pain. Of those who are unlucky enough to experience ongoing episodes of pain, about 20% will develop “Chronic” or, ongoing pain. So what causes it? (Acute or Chronic?) […]