Natural Cold And Flu Elixir

Natural Cold And Flu Elixir

Are you looking for a soothing drink to make at home? This recipe is the type of elixir you can sip on every single day! Try making a big serving of this recipe and leave it in the fridge. Just bring it back to room temperature before drinking to make it easier for the body to assimilate, and to soothe a sore or congested throat.

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Sonia Orts Aqua Serum Elixir | Alchemic Facial Protocol

Based on the ancient tradition of Spanish Alchemy and Spagyric principles Aqua Serum Elixir is a silky gel-like serum that combines the qualities of the element of Water – coldness and moistness.
An intensive and highly concentrated night treatment made by alchemic tinctures of roses, iris, gingko and sacred lotus that have been “rhythmified” with gold, blue sapphire, aqua aura and tanzine aura gems to support your skin’s natural processes of renewal. In addition, we have added 3 superfoods – green coffee beans, blue spirulina and blue butterfly pea extracts – and the 4 core Australian native extracts; Davidson plum, Kakadu plum, lilly pilly and quandong.
Made of roses, Aqua Serum provides a intensive hydrating base (without adding fatty moisture to your skin) that refines pores and promotes firmness and elasticity. It is specially indicated as an anti-ageing treatment as it contains substantial amounts of vitamin A, C, E and other antioxidants to reduce free radicals responsible for premature skin ageing.
This alchemical treatment stimulates the natural regeneration activity and moisturising processes of your skin by eliminating dead skin cells and giving birth to a revitalised flawless skin. A renewed formula made only with raw botanical ingredients among which 95% are organic certified (ACO).

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One Seed Rose Petal Multipurpose Elixir

Freshly picked roses at dawn. Scented dew dappled in sunlight. Divine femininity. The fragrance of true and timeless rose.
A luxurious, all-over body serum with a remarkable ability to soften, rejuvenate and restore all skin types. Featuring a superior blend of plant oils and extracts, such as avocado, pomegranate and sea buckthorn to deliver a deeply nourishing multivitamin, mineral and antioxidant boost, along with essential fatty acids to bring your skin back to life. Leaves your skin velvety soft and radiant.

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Mukti Bioactive Body Elixir

An exotic infusion of 14 of the world’s most precious, botanical oils including Prickly Pear, Baobab, Sea Buckthorn Berries and Australian native extracts of Rosella and Kangaroo Paw Flowers.

Hydrating essential fatty acids, phytonutrients and phytoceramides are gently hand blended and work to enhance and stimulate cell turnover, elasticity and protect against free radicals. This golden elixir deeply penetrates and restores moisture creating a luminous, smooth glow to your body to target cellulite, stretch marks and skin imperfections.

* Fennel oil in product is at 0.25% of total product. The organic element of fennel oil known as trans anethole may boost the production of the estrogen so should be used with caution if pregnant.

Made in Australia, Certified Organic Ingredients, Vegan, Cruelty Free and Gluten Free. Packaged in Biophotonic glass.


Fresca Natural Hydraskin Elixir

Now you have 21 reasons to celebrate your skin with Fresca Natural’s 21 Oil Hydraskin Elixir. The restorative skin properties of our complex concentrated blend of 21 skin loving essential and pure cold pressed oils will deeply hydrate, nourish and awaken your skin as only mother nature can.

Discover how our triple serum slows the signs of aging and allows your skin to absorb the precious blend of essential and botanical oils to assist in natural cell renewal. Give yourself the chance to diminish the appearance of fine lines, deep wrinkles and assist with t-zone problems and sensitive skin.

Beauty Elixir 600x400

Ancient and Wild Beauty Elixir + Hyaluronic Acid – Anti-aging


BEAUTY ELIXIR + HA is the ultimate anti-aging duo. Containing high potency hydrolysed marine collagen peptides and Hyaluronic Acid to feed the skin and body from within, both work synergistically at a cellular level to synthesise collagen and boost hydration and elasticity, for healthier, younger looking skin.

Marine Collagen

Ancient and Wild Organics Elixirs range contains the finest quality 100% natural hydrolysed marine collagen peptides on the market, known as super collagen because of it’s superior bioavailability and low molecular weight of 3000 Daltons.

+ Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid keeps collagen synthesis up, as well as retains skin moisture, which contributes to the anti-aging benefits to the skin. Higher levels of collagen and hyaluronic acid are related to skin that is more supple and resistant to wrinkles and fine lines, due to its intense hydrating ability, this is because it binds to water molecules in the body, which also enhance joint and connective tissue strength, and resilience, via lubrication.

What does this all mean? Put simply, our clinical grade Beauty Elixir + HA is the best-absorbed version of marine collagen available. Super easy to implement into food and drinks as it is odourless and tasteless. Marine Collagen + Hyaluronic Acid complements each other due to their ability to enhance the others therapeutic benefits, keeping you looking and feeling younger the natural way!