Cobalt Blue Water Purifier

Cobalt Blue Water Purifier

Handmade from stoneware clay and fired to 1305 degrees celsius this purifier has been glazed using non-toxic materials and is the perfect container for storing water. The 12 month/ 2000 litre Royal Doulton Super Sterasyl® which is standard on this system removes virtually all contaminants except fluoride.


Meditation in the Forest

Learn, practise and experience the heart of meditation and the bliss and contentment that comes with deep, natural peace. Break through into a deeper level of relaxation and clarity of mind. This retreat includes teaching on meditation, guided practise sessions, time for questions, optional walking meditations and yoga.


Green Body Oil Freshness

Green refreshes body and soul. Spring buds and fresh cut grass. Green represents renewal redirect, adaption and daring. It gives lightness and freshness. The scent is fresh, clean, crisp and lemony.