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Avocado Halloumi Sandwich

Avocado, Halloumi & Rocket Rye Sandwich

Avocados are a fabulous source of vitamin E, beneficial mono-unsaturated fats and dietary fibre to help lower LDL cholesterol levels and support cardiovascular health. Avocados are also rich in beta-carotene and lutein, which are vital for maintaining healthy eyes and vision.

Hazelnut & Nut Butter Granola

3-Wholesome Wholegrain Breakfast Ideas

Kialla’s plump, organic, wholegrain rolled oats are perfect for creamy, rich porridge and healthy baking. Sourced from Finland where the world’s best oats are grown, the oats develop their dense nutrient profile and creamy flavour due to the long 18 hours of sunlight in the Finnish growing season.

Gluten Free Porrij

Gluten Free Porrij — Brookfarm

So much more than your typical porridge, Brookfarm’s Gluten Free Porrij is a nutritious combination of quinoa and amaranth, organic flaxseed and wholesome brown rice flakes. With sustainably sourced Australian macadamias, almonds and a dash of cinnamon to create a truly delicious gluten free porridge, to help power your day.

This nutritious and complex gluten free porridge is still handmade from a recipe created in the Byron Bay kitchen of the Brook family home, straight to yours. High in supergrains, yet low in sugar and ready in 90 seconds or great for Bircher, topped with in season fruit or yogurt. The choice is yours!

Prebiotic Paleo Granola

Prebiotic Paleo Granola — Brookfarm

Good gut health is a key to a healthier you. Eat clean, eat healthy with Brookfarm’s Prebiotic Paleo Granola packed full of naturally occurring prebiotic ingredients containing 83% prebiotic nuts and seeds that promotes diversity for good gut health and contains plant based protein. For many Paleo dieters, good fats (saturated, poly and mono fats) can be the main source of daily energy. Brookfarm’s Prebiotic Paleo Granola is packed full of good fats, making it the perfect companion to paleo living.

Made from real all-natural ingredients with no preservatives or additives, and can be used as a topper with probiotic kefir or yoghurt, there is so much to love in one pack. Gluten Free and Vegan.

Nutty Granola Maple Vanilla

Nutty Granola Maple Vanilla — Brookfarm

A crunchy, nutty granola that is savoured from the first mouthful to the bottom of the bowl.

Brookfarm has created the perfect fruit-free mix of premium sustainably sourced macadamias, almonds, pecans, coconut, super grains and seeds, baked with a drizzle of maple syrup and a hint of vanilla. Sprinkle on yoghurt or serve with milk. Enjoy for breakfast, sprinkle over an avocado smash or level up those cookies. Australian owned and made right in Byron Bay, all of our delicious recipes are carefully crafted from the Brook family kitchen and then toasted, blended, packed and sealed with love from our Brookfarm bakehouse to you.

Keto Premium Paleo Granola

Keto Premium Paleo Granola — Brookfarm

Brookfarm’s Keto Premium Paleo Granola is a low carb, low sugar granola that’s packed high in good fats. Loaded with 22% of premium sustainably sourced Australian macadamias, as well as flaxseed, pecans, pumpkin kernels, and more – toasted in macadamia oil and a hint of vanilla and cinnamon. Blended using sustainably sourced, plant based ingredients with the end result a non-GMO, preservative-free granola, made locally in Byron Bay.

For many Paleo dieters, good fats (saturated, poly and mono fats) can be the main source of daily energy. Brookfarm’s Keto Premium Granola is packed full of good fats, making it the perfect companion to ketogenic or paleo living whilst also being gluten free. Taste the Brookfarm Difference with premium all-natural ingredients, regenerative agriculture, community and family values at the heart of everything we do.

Gluten Free Muesli Macadamia Cranberry

Gluten Free Muesli Macadamia Cranberry — Brookfarm

Packed full of 15 premium all-natural gluten free ingredients including sustainably sourced Australian macadamias, this oven baked gourmet muesli combines antioxidant rich cranberries,with gluten free grains and brans such as protein rich quinoa, amaranth and puffed buckwheat. Lightly toasted with Australian bush honey and just a touch of our premium macadamia oil, we then add nutritious sultanas and natural currants from Australia’s finest fruit growing regions. So when we have this breakfast we know we are supporting Australian farmers across the country.

Preservative-free, non-GMO, Australian owned and made in Byron Bay from one of Australia’s leading regional food producers and macadamia farmers, Brookfarm. A generational family business, Brookfarm is committed to regenerative agriculture in their macadamia orchard, delivering fresh and delicious products using all natural ingredients.

Also available in Toasted & Natural.