The glory of gazing

Have you ever aimlessly looked into the distance and it’s not until someone actually calls your name a few times that you realise you were even in this “stare mode” ? Sometimes when we stare or gaze at something we are so focused that we withdraw from the external environment but without really realising it. […]


What is a Guru?

Guru is an evocative word. It conjures as many different images as there are people who hear the word, so what is a guru? And do you need one?

Meditate on it

The benefits of meditation are well known. People have been known to meditate through stressful situations in life, during childbirth, after operations for pain relief and in a range of other circumstances. There are many different styles of meditation to try including mindfulness meditation, transcendental meditation, mantra meditation, breathe meditation and guided meditation. I’ve tried […]

Unleashing the silent mind

Yesterday’s yoga class was a bit different. After our standard 3 “Oms” to begin the class our instructor gave us some theory on the mind. I have always enjoyed the theory side of yoga. Although I have attempted numerous times to brush up on yoga theory (my latest effort being the Hindi sacred scriptures, Bhagavad […]