Handbag and Pocket Size Affirmation Cards — AndiLew

Get Calm & Connected with Andi Lew’s new affirmation cards that inspire and educate you toward optimal wellness!

Beautifully authored and inspired by Andi Lew with her 30 years of teaching wellness, this is your guide to optimal wellbeing with your own suggestive and educative affirmation deck. Intuitively choose or methodically pull cards weekly to give you an inspired intention and action for the week. You have 50 cards to transform you life over an entire year!

Moontime Diary

Moontime Diary 2022

The Moontime Diary 2022 inspires and guides you towards a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. It helps you tune wellbeing appointments, gardening and many other everyday activities to seasons and lunar cycles.

Your Astrology Health

Your Astrological Health

Christina Richter is a full-time practising Holistic Astrological Consultant, specialising in Medical Astrology. Her 35-year background as a Registered Nurse (mainly in Intensive Care), Ayurveda, Colour Therapy, Healing Touch and Stress Management have given her experience and insights into other people’s perceptions to do with health and disease. Her personal journey with potentially major health dilemmas, guided her to seek out alternatives that avoided surgery. This book can be used independently or in conjunction with Learn to Self Heal, and you do not need to be an astrologer to understand this book.