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Natural therapies and private health cover

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The removal of 16 natural therapies from the list of treatments approved for private health insurance rebates is one of the most significant measures to affect the Australian natural health landscape in decades. In the aftermath of the ruling, many therapists are trying to understand the impact of the changes upon their business and clientele and what the future holds for private health cover rebates. What can therapists do to minimise any impact and how worried should they be? What is being done to reverse this decision and where do we go from here?

Jim Olds, Executive Officer and Company Secretary of ANTA, provides background and guidance on the recent changes to natural therapies private health insurance cover and assures us it’s “because as usual” for practitioners in the natural health space.

The special report includes:

  • ANTA’s overview of the private health reforms
  • How will this decision will affect the natural therapies industry?
  • Background information behind the decision
  • What’s the next step?
  • What to do if you’re a therapist affected by the change
  • The benefits of an ANTA membership