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Gemma Vendetta FONTAINE Lipstick

Everything about Gemma Vendetta lipsticks is deliberate and intelligent. From the packaging to the names of the products, I really feel this brand has hit the nail on the head in attracting those who want to commit to more considered cosmetics. Not only is this lipstick vegan and cruelty-free, but it is completely free of silicones and any nasty ingredients. It stays soft and matte on the lips and the adorable rose shade is very, very pretty. Pucker up, beauties!

-Sophie Flecknoe, Editor


Gemma Vendetta HEATHCLIFF Lipstick

The first thing you need to know about Gemma Vendetta products is that they arrive in the best packaging ever. The second thing you need to know is that they are really good products. Like, really good. I am obsessed with these lipsticks, especially this beautiful deep nude. The formula hydrated my lips while drenching them in a stunning long-wearing colour. This lipstick, in particular, has the perfect vintage-inspired (if that wasn’t clear from the very clever name) neutral shade making me feel elegant and polished. With its gentle, matte finish it was also almost completely transfer-proof. Love, love, love!

-Sophie Flecknoe, Editor


Gemma Vendetta MONTAGUE Lipstick

Gemma Vendetta cosmetics should be on the radar of any beauty lover. The products are considered, clever, cruelty-free, vegan and free of nasty additives. This lipstick is formulated with jojoba seed oil and shea butter to really nourish the lips and protect them while coating them in a highly pigmented colour, so you can wear it all day without drying out your precious lips. It comes in a beautiful coral tone with a very subtle sheen and acts more like a lip balm than a lipstick which I loved.

-Sophie Flecknoe, Editor


Mavala Lipgloss Grapefruit

I often shy away from lip gloss, opting instead for balms or lipsticks. So, in all honesty, I was apprehensive to try this product fearing that I wouldn’t like it. I was wrong. It is undeniably pretty and not at all sticky like some other options on the market. Like Mavala’s lipsticks, it doubles as a lip treatment that has nourishing properties to protect and soothe. Swipe a thin layer on your lips and enjoy the shine!

-Sophie Flecknoe, Editor


Mavala Lipstick Terra Rossa

I don’t normally wear a lot of makeup, but on very special nights out I do like to spruce up my look with some lipstick. What I love about Mavala lipsticks is that they are protective treatments as well as a lip colour. It even contains antioxidants to protect against free radicals and UVB filters for added defense from the sun’s rays. This lipstick glided onto my lips with ease. It wasn’t messy, nor was it too wet or too dry. I wore it out to dinner with some friends and was pleased to see it was still fresh after we’d finished eating. I also adore this particular shade.

-Sophie Flecknoe, Editor


natio Lip Colour

Natio was never a brand that was on my radar. After trying some of the Natio products on offer, however, this is something that has definitely changed. The product itself was elegant, sleek and the formula was creamy and an absolute dream to apply (even for a makeup novice like me). I applied one coat and it lasted for hours. What’s even better is that the formula is enriched with lip-loving ingredients like jojoba, evening primrose and calendula to smooth and soften lips all year round.

-Sophie Flecknoe, Editor


The Organic Skin Co Cheeky Lips

I am head over heels for this product. It is, quite possibly, the best natural cheek cream I have ever used. I used it more for my cheeks than my lips, but it truly is a dream for both. Not only does it have a nourishing formula, the ‘Lush’ colour that I tried is absolute gorgeous and it left my skin with a beautiful, supple glow. I applied small dabs of it to the apples of my cheeks, blending with my fingers for a flawless finish. It left me with a radiant, healthy glow and a smile to match. I am also pleased that the gorgeous packaging is refillable, so I can keep my pot and just replace the filling. I adore this product!

-Sophie Flecknoe, Editor


The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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