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WellBeing BE-YOU-T Awards Editors Review: Mens

Beauty Awards Mens Cover Image



Country Life Soap For Tradies

To test this product I enlisted the help of my brother-in-law who is a carpenter. When he comes home of an evening, he is often covered in sawdust, dirt and grime and needs a thorough clean! On top of this, he has very sensitive, dry skin so is wary of what he uses. He found this product to be thoroughly cleansing and loved the gentle exfoliation from the walnut particles. He didn’t experience any irritation or dryness after using this soap and said the cooling effect was invigorating when combined with the hot water from the shower. After a hard day’s work, this is what you need!

-Sophie Flecknoe, Editor


One Seed Solitude Organic Cologne

While this product is marketed to those who wear cologne, it can almost be considered genderless scent. It is beautifully earthy and spicy and instantly pricks up the senses. It is a strong scent, but also bright and fresh. Its main notes are black pepper, dry woods, tarragon and vanilla. The One Seed packaging is ethereal and very beautiful and each fragrance has a quote from a famous poet on the bottle. This fragrance is a beautiful object in its own right, but the scent inside promises an uplifting and richly tantalizing experience for anyone who chooses to wear it.

-Sophie Flecknoe, Editor