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WellBeing BE-YOU-T Awards Editors Review: Skin Wash- Body Wash

Beauty Awards Skinwash Cover Image



Country Life Fresh Linen & White Clay Bar Soap

The added ingredient of white clay caught my eye when it came to trying this product. I’ve tried a lot of soaps and body washes, but none have a fragrance so clean, pure and fresh as this option. Not only is it enriched with natural moisturisers and oils, it is also naturally scented so you know you’re gently protecting your precious skin. After using this I felt fresh and sparkling clean!

-Sophie Flecknoe, Editor


Country Life Golden Lemon Bar Soap

Citrus is a scent that always transports me to summer time. It makes me think of Mediterranean adventures and home cooked meals. It invites the feeling of health, rejuvenation and invigoration. Now, you can enjoy this evocative scent in the shower with Country Life’s Golden Lemon soap bars. Not only are they moisturizing and cleansing, they’re also dripping in the aromatic scent of Lemon Verbena and enriched with olive oil (I did say Mediterranean). After using this bar of soap, I felt so fresh and invigorated. It’s the perfect beauty bar for the morning time to invigorate the senses and feel refreshed.

-Sophie Flecknoe, Editor


ecostore Coconut soap

Coconut is a wonderfully versatile ingredient and so lovely to use on the skin. Coconut oil has been linked to reducing inflammation, healing wounds and moisturising the skin, among many other benefits. In the shower, my senses were heightened, and I enjoyed being wrapped in a coconut dream, with the fresh aromas floating all around me. ecostore’s Coconut Soap leaves my skin feeling nourished and cleansed – it’s a yes from me!

-Kate Duncan, Editor


ecostore Jasmine & Manuka Honey Body Wash

Manuka honey is a powerful healing ingredient and I love using it on my face and body. I was pleased to find out that it had been included in ecostore’s Jasmine & Manuka Body Wash. Using just a few pumps for the whole body, I lathered the wash onto the palms of my hands. The clear gel is lightweight, smooth and smells like summer. What I loved most, though, was the fact that the wash didn’t dry out my skin. Instead, it nourished it deeply and provided an all-natural glow.

-Kate Duncan, Editor


ecostore Lemongrass soap

Who doesn’t love lemongrass? ecostore’s Lemongrass soap has a refreshing, clean and crisp aroma that offers a district lemon citrus feel. Blended to the perfect palm-size, ecostore’s Lemongrass soap is easy to use around my body and lathers just the right amount. After using this soap for a week, my skin feels nourished and purified and my mind refreshed and energised.

-Kate Duncan, Editor


ecostore Mint & Manuka Honey Hand Wash

There are so many things to love about ecostore! What I love the most, though, is the story behind the brand. In 1993 when Malcom and his wife Melanie were living in a small eco-village in New Zealand, they decided to dig out under their house to set up a warehouse. They started selling household cleaners, body and baby products and organic gardening products before expanding to their own brand, ecostore. It’s these humble beginnings you can really feel when using their products. ecostore’s Mint & Manuka Honey Hand Wash is a dream to use. The fresh mint smell works beautifully with manuka honey to create a lightweight clear gel that leaves my hands feeling clean and smooth.

-Kate Duncan, Editor


ecostore Rose & Geranium Body Wash

Beauty lovers, have you ever heard of harakeke? Neither had I until ecostore’s beautiful Rose & Geranium Body Wash landed on my desk. I did some digging and discovered that Harakeke is the Māori name for native New Zealand flax and is a key ingredient in all of ecostore’s Hand and Body Washes. When I first lathered myself in this body wash, I was surprised by the distinctive rose aroma and soothing gel. Afterwards, my skin felt hydrated, soft and supple – I even found it a little harder to get out of the shower!

-Kate Duncan, Editor


ecostore Rose & Geranium Hand Wash

What I love the most about ecostore products is the story behind the brand. In 1993 when Malcom and his wife Melanie were living in a small eco-village in New Zealand, they decided to dig out under their house to set up a warehouse. They started selling household cleaners, body and baby products and organic gardening products before expanding to their own brand, ecostore. When I first washed my hands with ecostore’s Rose & Geranium Hand Wash, I was delighted by the ease of the pump, the lightweight clear gel and the delicious smell. My hands were left feeling soft, clean and smooth.

-Kate Duncan, Editor


ivadore Body Combat

Ivadore’s Body Combat is such a great product. I was promised exfoliated and moisturized skin after just one use and I wasn’t disappointed. I love to scrub my body every two days to remove dead skin cells and to promote a more even texture. I gently applied this scrub in circular motions all over my skin while it was still dry. Then I rinsed it off in a warm shower. The aroma from the scrub is really invigorating and uplifting because of the Italian orange oil. My skin was silky smooth after just one application and I am sad to say I’ve already gone through the whole tub. Time to restock, I think!

-Sophie Flecknoe, Editor


Natio Wellness Body Scrub

I love using a body scrub but often forget this indulgent step when certain options also come with a hefty clean up. Natio’s Wellness Body Scrub is quite possibly the perfect scrub. It is gentle enough to use on your skin as often as you like and contains natural exfoliants to polish the skin and promote a healthy glow. I used it in the shower after washing with a gentle body wash and simply rinsed it off with the warm, running water. I followed with Natio’s Wellness Body Butter. It was both a relaxing and energizing ritual and after using both of these products in conjunction my skin was luxuriously smooth and soft.

-Sophie Flecknoe, Editor


Saba Organics Hand Sanitiser- Tasmanian Lavender

I have always rejected hand sanitizer as I found the chemical and alcohol smell to be quite repulsive. Sometimes though, it using it is a necessary evil. For instance, I was recently at a park and there was no soap in the public bathroom (true story). After trying this product I was pleasantly surprised by the soft lavender scent – no harsh alcohol smell at all! The formula itself was gentle and soothing and didn’t leave any sticky residue on my hands. Getting rid of germs while protecting my skin? Yes, please!

-Sophie Flecknoe, Editor


Saba Organics Hand Wash- Lemon Tea Tree

Did you know that our skin is like a sponge? If we are constantly flooding our skin with chemicals and toxins we are definitely not nourishing it at all. Saba Organics understands this concept and has made an extensive range of products to support your largest organ. This hand wash is rich in vitamins, antioxidants (we all know how important these are by now) and certified organic plant extracts. I wash my hands a LOT and I found that this wash removed impurities from my hands while refreshing and smoothing my skin. I found that it even smoothed my cuticles, making me look like I’d just treated myself to a manicure. Happy days!

-Sophie Flecknoe, Editor


Velvet Bloom Luxe Beauty Bar

After a long time committing to a gentle body wash it was a welcome change switching to a beauty bar. The Velvet Bloom Luxe Beauty Bar has a delicious fruity and floral scent and beautiful lilac shade, plus, it’s super gentle on the skin. It’s also quite a bit larger than most bars of soap so lasts for a very long time. I must admit, I felt exceptionally clean after using this product and my skin was unexpectedly soft. Perhaps I’ll be switching back to the beauty bar, after all!

-Sophie Flecknoe, Editor