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Holistic Living Q&A with Go Vita

Ann Cattelan, marketing manager of Australia’s largest health food store, Go Vita, is an experienced Marketing Director with a demonstrated history of working in the health and wellness industry. Ann has worked with Go Vita for the past 16 years publishing GoMagazine and looking after communications, marketing and supplier liaison.

As more and more people are moving towards a holistic, wholesome way of living, we sit down with Ann Cattelan to get her take on the growing trend from a retail perspective.

Do you believe there is an opportunity this year for Go Vita to offer new products for natural living?

New products are the lifeblood of the natural health industry; we wouldn’t be doing our jobs right unless we were bringing out new on trend products regularly.


What were the top 5 products customers purchased in 2018 (food or supplements) at Go Vita? Why do you think those products were so successful?

  1. Curcumin
  2. Plant proteins
  3. Probiotics/prebiotics
  4. MCT oils
  5. Collagen powders

Digestion and beauty are two growth categories globally and Australia is certainly on trend with this.


What products do you see consumers attracted to in 2019 and why? What are your predictions on the top products for 2019?

If global trends are anything to go by, vegan, digestion, beauty and brain health products will dominate in 2019, as well as new product opportunities with jackfruit.


What is Go Vita doing to attract consumers who are passionate about natural living?

Go Vita has recently revamped its website and implemented a new social media strategy. The company will also be launching an online store. The stepping up of its digital presence is aimed at engaging the millennial customer and building brand awareness for its 140 stores all across Australia. Go Vita has a quarterly consumer health magazine called Go Mag for customers — they love this magazine for its up-to-date health advice. Go Vita’s in-store health consultants also provide personalised health advice for customer-specific needs.


How important is origin, sustainability and recycled packaging to Go Vita’s consumers?

Go Vita consumers are well educated on sustainability issues and connect with brands that provide products offering environmental, social and economic benefits while providing a health outcome. So from the source of the product to disposal, these consumers are interested in the whole life cycle of products.


Do you see growth in protein powders and other smoothie products?

Absolutely this is an area of growth — more so in vegan protein.


Do you see growth in healthy convenience and snack products?

Yes. Healthy snacking is an area of growth and the millennial customer is all about healthy snacks for their children and themselves.


Are Daigou shoppers important to Go Vita stores?

In certain areas most definitely the Daigou shopper is important, but it would be fair to say not in all our stores. We have 140 stores across Australia in both regional and metro locations.


What are the most popular buzzwords you hear in Go Vita?





Collagen peptides






For more information and products details, visit govita.com.au


Ally McManus

Ally McManus

Ally McManus, the editor of WellBeing Yoga Experience and the founding editor of Being magazine, is a freelance writer and editor in magazine and book publishing. She also teaches yoga and meditation on Victoria’s Bellarine Peninsula.

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