Connecting With Compassion

Connecting with compassion

A compassionate life is one that requires both softness and strength. By cultivating compassion towards yourself and others, you can embrace life’s trials and tribulations with a strong back and soft front.

Jessica Sepel

Doer & Thinker: Jessica Sepel

In a world of fad diets, unrelenting beauty standards and a society built on self-improvement, holistic nutritionist Jessica Sepel is showing women how to achieve a loving, sustainable relationship with their minds, bodies and food.

Yoga for healing from trauma

Yoga for healing from trauma

There is often some form of healing experienced when people practise yoga, which Tristan Rose, the founder of Blind Tiger Yoga, has experienced first-hand. Tristan sits down with Rob Langworthy from Stretch Now to chat about his journey to creating a yoga and meditation service for veterans.