WellBeing Women of the Year Awards: Terms & Conditions

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The Wellbeing Women of the Year Awards

Terms & Conditions and General FAQ

What is different about The Wellbeing Women of the Year Awards?

This program spotlights everyday women. Women rising above the significant demands of life, work and family to make real differences in their communities.

Our goal is to place value on those first steps, taken by an individual woman or team of women, to make a difference.

We believe that by supporting these women, we are contributing to their next steps. First steps lead to next steps, lead to bigger, better contributions.

The entity rewarded does not necessarily have to be a registered charity, but we will be checking status of organisations to make sure they have, or are willing to set up, a basic ABN and bank account.  You might be at the stage of having an operating entity and bank account, and be building a volunteer base, and building sources of funding.


All community groups are welcome – sporting, community, charitable, school-based and more.  We are very much about recognising local heroes who are stepping up.


This could be a small group of women who have started a volunteer-run reading group for adults who are behind in literacy.  We are looking to support these new initiatives.


This does not exclude larger organisations, but in the case of larger organisations, we are seeking to reward that impressive woman or team who are performing a unique and new contribution within the organisation. To use an analogy – rather than rewarding an impressive organisation like Girl Guides, we might reward a Guide leader who is doing something special within her group.  If you are in an organisation like Girl Guides you might think this is an opportunity to reward someone who is adding to your organisation with their own unique first steps.


Regardless of the type of group or entity, we are looking at contributing to the community at large.


There will be 3 winners. The winner can be a woman or group of women.


We are awarding women who are impressive in her/their own right, going above and beyond to do something for the community.


The program aims to:

  • Give entrants a free and easy to-enter experience,
  • Showcase Finalists’ projects and ideas before an audience of people who might subsequently get involved or become inspired themselves,
  • Give Finalists kudos which helps them stand out from the crowd when fundraising,
  • Give Finalists a chance at winning some money for themselves and the organisation.

Entry is easy, and the benefits are significant in the real world for developing your project in years to come. These women have been working hard and we want to acknowledge their work and say thank you!

Terms & Conditions

Who is behind the WellBeing Women of the Year Awards?

This program is run by Universal Media Co (The promoter).  Universal Media Co is fundamentally a media business with significant community assets.  Our media brands provide a point of inspiration, connection and idea-making for the communities around us.

Universal Media Co is the Trading Name of Universal Magazines Pty Ltd (ACN 003 026 944)

General Eligibility Requirements for Nominees

Nominees must all identify as women, and reside in Australia.

Both individuals and groups of women can be nominated.

Nominees must be Aged 18 or above.

Self-nominations will be accepted for the program.  These have every chance of winning the overall prize, but will be excluded from the smaller Nominators category of the competition. Self- nominations include nominating yourself personally as a WellBeing Woman of the Year recipient. Nominating a member of your organisation is not considered self-nominating.

Employees of Universal Media Co (WellBeing), James Phillip Design and Viatris are excluded from entering the competition.

General Eligibility Requirements for Nominators

Nominators can be either men or women, and they must reside in Australia.

Selection, Shortlisting and Acceptance of Terms

  • Nominators must include full contact details for themselves,
  • Nominees must agree to their nomination before an entry is completed,
  • Nominees must meet the entry criteria to be shortlisted as finalists,
  • Nominations and acceptances must be made online,
  • Nominees may be contacted by WellBeing Media Group to request additional information including photo and biography. Some Nominees will be selected for storytelling to inspire other nominations. A condition of entry is agreement to have both the identifying name provided with the entry, and images published in this context.
  • Nominations become property of Universal Media Co.
  • Finalists will have their forms passed to the judging committee.
  • Entry is deemed acceptance of the Terms and Conditions by the Nominator. Acceptance of Nomination is deemed acceptance of the Terms and Conditions by the Nominee.
  • The judging panel’s decision is final and no correspondence or discussion will be
    entered into.

Basic Entry Criteria

Entry is free

Entry is Open to Women based in Australia.

Projects must be established and viable at the time of entry.

The closing date for entries is COB 3rd March 2023 Late entries will not be accepted.

Method of entry is via the online form.

Entry Requirements

The following information is required to provide judges with information regarding the project prior to inspection. This information must accompany your entry.

Your completed entry will comprise of the following components:

  1. Online Form. A completed official online entry form.
  2. Digital Images &Logo. Entrants are responsible for the quality of all images. These images will be used in an audio-visual presentation and media; so good quality material will better profile your entry.  Resolution of 300dpi with an image size of 21cm x 29cm (i.e., equates to A4 in size maximum) in JPEG file type only (please no PDF, PPT or TIFF file types).  Please note if your images are not of high quality, you could be asked to resubmit them.

By entering Nominators and Nominees (Participants) are confirming…

  1. Participants agree to be bound by these general terms and conditions and entry criteria for this competition,
  2. For Nominees, that your organisation wishes to enter the competition and that you are authorised to enter on behalf of your organisation,
  3. That you have filled in this form accurately,
  4. That you have the authorisation of all significant project stakeholders to enter the competition and that you have obtained consent to share, publish or release information or data relating to the project including information or data that may be potentially sensitive or confidential in nature,
  5. That you acknowledge that you have obtained the necessary copyrights and permission to use all of imagery or photos that you submit for the purpose of this competition, including property, business and person, for publication in media, which includes but is not limited to coverage in WellBeing, Eat Well, and WILD Magazines, plus associated digital and social media,
  6. A willingness to receive informational emails from the Promoter and their Sponsors,
  7. That there were no serious legal issues in progress associated with the project/organisation, and
  8. That there are no outstanding debts or complaints relating to the project/organisation.
  9. The group is a legal entity and has an ABN and bank account, or is willing to set one up if winning.

See below for full entry requirements.

Assessment Criteria & Selection of the Nominator

Entries will be assessed by a panel of judges, or representatives of the Promoter, based on nominating someone who is

  1. Being an everyday woman/women at an early stage on the journey
  2. Inspiring to others

Assessment Criteria & Selection of the Finalists and Winners

Entries will be assessed by a panel of judges, or representatives of the Promoter, based upon the following criteria.  There is not set word limit, but participants should be prepared to submit well-constructed bullet points that get to the heart of:

  1. Being an everyday woman/women at an early stage on the journey
  2. Helping community
  3. Having a goal for future
  4. Inspiring to others


Some Nominees, and all winners, will be declared finalists, and contacted to implement storytelling executions in order to inspire other women. Coverage is not guaranteed, and is conditional upon the story and imagery being strong enough for publication. This treatment will be in the context of your having a great story and it being told to inspire other women.

By accepting the nomination, Nominees grant permission for the Promoter to disclose their submitted information provided through the nomination process, additional submissions,
correspondence and photographs at its discretion including for, but not
limited to, media and promotional purposes.


Personal information about nominees and nominators provided will only be used for the conduct and promotion of this program.

Entrants grant the right to use creative work for promotional purposes.

Judges Decision is Final

The judges shall include but not be limited to employees of Universal Media Co and James Phillip Design.

The judges’ decision is final and binding. If in the opinion of the judges the entries do not reach the quality standard for the competition, the judges and Universal Media Co, in their discretion may decide not to grant all finalist positions. There will only be three (3) winners.

The nominator, finalists and the winner will be notified by email.

Media Coverage

Media coverage of The WellBeing Women of the Year Awards includes (but is not limited to Wellbeing, Eat Well, and WILD Magazines and associated social media channels.

Editorial comment on and photographic display of the projects entered will be at the discretion of the media. Whilst it is the aim of Universal Media Co and WellBeing Magazine to feature the work of entrants accurately, the Promoter makes no representations or warranties as to the quality, suitability or merchantability of goods and services offered. To the extent permitted by law, the promoter is not liable for any loss suffered to person, business, entity or property by reason of any actor omission, deliberate or negligent, by the Promotor, its employees, or agents in connection with the arrangement for the supply of services.  Whilst the promoter will make its best effort to feature the work of entrants accurately, the promotor including WellBeing Magazine and James Phillip Design are not liable for any discrepancy, error, omission or misrepresentation of that participant or entry in any media report.

Universal Media Co will also be promoting pre, during & post awards, on all of our social media channels.

Universal Media Co shall promote the entire program to other media, seeking coverage. Whilst it is the aim of Universal Media Co to feature the work of entrants accurately, there will be no responsibility taken for discrepancy, error, omission or misrepresentation of that entry in any media report.

Award Party

There is no award party planned for this program at the time of developing it.


The total prize pool for this competition is $33,000

  • $5000 prize to Winner 1 and $5000 prize to their Organisation
  • $5000 prize to Winner 2 and $5000 prize to their Organisation
  • $5000 prize to Winner 3 and $5000 prize to their Organisation
  • $1000 prize to Nominator 1
  • $1000 prize to Nominator 2
  • $1000 prize to Nominator 3

The Organisation awarded the prize by WellBeing will be the organisation that directly facilitates the community work undertaken by each Winner.

Three Nominators will win a prize, selected on merit.

Nominators will be selected on merit to win one of three $1000 cash prizes.

The first 200 entries will also get a 6-month subscription to WellBeing.

There will be a unspecified number of finalists, subject to the strength of their stories.  Finalists will receive a purpose-created project profile in the bimonthly WellBeing Magazine and online.  At the publisher’s discretion this profile will also be distributed throughout our social and digital media channels.

Three winners will win a prize, selected on merit.

Each winner (individual or group) will each get $5,000 cash for themselves (or a share of in the case of a group winner), $5,000 for their organisation, and coverage in the WellBeing Media Group.


Data collected from both Entrants and Consumers participating in this competition and associated marketing program shall be used by the Promoter and its Sponsors.  To see the company’s privacy policy, go here: https://www.umco.com.au/privacy/

Key Dates

Nominations close on 15th March 2023

We will judge by 17th March 2023 and announce on 6th July 2023 when we publish WellBeing No 205.

Thank you for being part of The Women of The Year.