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The WellBeing Women of the Year Awards

Announcing the 2023 Winners of the Women of the Year Awards

The WellBeing team, along with our friends at Ferro-grad C, are thrilled to announce the winners of the inaugural WellBeing Women of the Year Awards. We received an overwhelming response, hearing from rural practice pharmacists, librarians, mental health programs, charities, volunteers and so many more incredible women and organisations. So, without further ado, please meet the three winners of the WellBeing Women of the Year Awards.

  • Louise Mahoney (Dreams2Live4)
  • Vladimira Foteva and the REDD Centre
  • Emma Stafford (QuIHN and Micah Projects)

You can read all about the winners here and discover the amazing work our finalists are doing in the articles below.

We’d like to give a special thanks to our finalists Usha Raman, Rach Mac (Broken Crayons Still Colour), Jessica Murray, Bente Hart (Capital Chemist Braidwood), Michelle Key (Smiles2U) and Keeley Johnson (Keeley’s Cause). These six women contribute significantly and meaningfully to their communities, and we would like to acknowledge the important work they do.

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The Winners of The Women of The Year Awards are Here!

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About The WellBeing Women of the Year Awards

At WellBeing, we see good women doing great things for their communities absolutely everywhere… and we’re more than proud to be celebrating them in The Women of the Year Awards, sponsored by Ferro-grad C.

You can nominate a woman, or group of women, who inspire you. That could be… a Mum who runs the footy team, an Auntie who does the reading program, or even a group of women who raised money for some great research together. We want to celebrate how good women form the basis of culture and community. We want to discover the stories of behind-the-scenes women who get things done. Calm in the face of flood, fire or pandemic, figuring out how to help, and having a laugh along the way. There will be cash prizes for all winners and lots of great positive stories to share.

The WellBeing Women of the Year Awards: Terms and Conditions

There are 3 (individual or group) winners of the Wellbeing Women of the Year Awards, each getting $5,000 for themselves, and $5,000 for their organisation.  There are also 3 Nominator prizes of $1,000 each.  Winners are judged on merit; chance plays no part in determining the winner. The promoter is Universal Media Co (ACN 003 026 944), publisher of WellBeing. Nominees must be aged 18 or above, and reside in Australia.   Nominations close 15th March 2023, judging will be by 17th March 2023, and announced on 13th July 2023. Nomination or Acceptance of Nomination implies acceptance of the full Terms & Conditions – available here