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First finalists announced for The Women of the Year Awards!

The WellBeing Media Group in association with @ferro-grad_c has launched The Women of the Year Awards to acknowledge everyday women contributing to their communities.

For those who are yet to nominate, you can still visit thewomenoftheyear.com.au to enter a practitioner or other woman you know who is doing something amazing in the community, for their chance to win $5000 for themselves and $5000 for their organization plus full coverage in WellBeing.  

We are excited to announce our first three finalists, including a remarkable group of professionals and a community yoga practitioner working for a greater cause, who all embody the Women of the Year spirit and demonstrate how everyday women can accomplish incredible things!

Image 3 Usha Raman Min

Usha Raman:

Usha is an everyday woman who has done the extraordinary as a volunteer of over 20 years’ to a range of not-for-profit organisations helping women, including the Heart of Love Foundation and Health in Kind. She co-ordinates hygiene packs and food distributions, as well as providing monthly cooking classes in a women’s refuge. Usha also spreads wellness education in the community by organizing women’s circles, and runs yoga classes for charity.

Redd Centre Final

The REDD Centre Team:

Vladimira Foteva MSci, Michelle Wellham BFA, Dr. Yixue Qiao PhD and Dr. Kimberley Williams MD are a multi-disciplinary team working to build knowledge and investigate the societal taboos surrounding menstruation, while increasing focus on women’s and menstruators’ health. They are working tirelessly to provide up-to-date medical research to women in the community no matter what life stage they are in.

Image 2 Rach Mac

Rach Mac (Broken Crayons Still Colour):

After suffering horrific domestic violence, Rach went on to find Broken Crayons Still Colour with the hope of helping women in the community break the cycle of domestic violence. She assists victims with emergency relocation, the tools needed to begin anew and even assistance with navigating the court system.

We are thrilled and humbled to see the high calibre of applicants and want to congratulate all our finalists for the incredible work they do.

We are still accepting nominations and want to invite anyone who knows an inspiring practitioner taking steps to create change in their community to nominate them!

Visit thewomenoftheyear.com.au to find out more.

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WellBeing Team

WellBeing Team

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