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Baby And You Preparing For Great Health For You Both

Baby and you! Preparing for great health for you both

The shift from being a couple to being a family is an amazing journey. Having a healthy baby starts from the moment you decide to start trying. You can give your baby the best start by being healthy parents. Craniobalance is one of many ways to combat stresses of your new arrival and create a loving environment.

Amd Macular Degeneration and how to handle it

AMD – how to handle Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration is the leading cause of blindness for both men and women over the age of 55. It’s important to investigate with your specialist, naturopath or nutritionist which foods, antioxidants, supplements and minerals you lack to rectify the damage.

Aura Cleansing And Energy Healing

Aura cleansing and energy healing

Illness begins in your auric field which is why we need to look after it. Cleansing and nurturing your aura will bring a positive change to your health and wellbeing.

Wheat Free Vs Gluten Free Bread Allergy Intolerance

Wheat free, whole wheat and your health

Wheat free does not mean gluten free and it is important with all the food sensitivities these days to know the difference. It is important to eat a well-balanced healthy diet if you want to be healthy

Stimming Child Lying Down

Stimming and recognising overwhelming emotions

Anyone in an overwhelming situation of some kind may carry out the action. Stimming can be with sounds or through movement and results in using a lot of energy. Stimming is a mixture of repeated actions made by people with autism as a reaction to overwhelming emotions.

Negative Thinking And How To Eliminate It

Negative thinking and how to eliminate it

Negative thinking is sometimes an easy trap to fall into because we all at some point in our life go through hardship. In order to stop this way of thinking you need to be aware of how to change it consciously. Here are some tips.

Happiness And The Ingredients Needed To Create It

Happiness and the ingredients needed to create it

We need to find out what it is that will make that person happy and approach them with that. The reason one’s culture has a big impact on happiness is due to cultural beliefs, attitudes and practices.

Dental Health Is An Important Part Of Your Wellbeing

Dental health is an important part of your wellbeing

Did you know that each tooth has a purpose and there are meridians all over your body that connect different parts and systems? When your teeth are not looked after they add to the sum total of negative things that can impact your health.