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Parenting And Lying

How to encourage truth-telling among children

From seemingly innocent white lies to fibs embellished with wild abandon, both kids and adults alike tell lies. For our children, lying is a natural part of development. Discover how to look beyond the lie and encourage truth-telling.

Teaching Your Children Financial Wellbeing

How to teach your children financial wellbeing

Money, and how to have a healthy and proactive relationship with it, is often left out of parenting. But teaching your children how to have a healthy relationship with money is key to their wellbeing, and there are plenty of practical and heart-centred ways to support their financial health.

Dreams of babies and children: what do they mean?

Dreams of babies and children & their symbolic meaning

Babies and children are symbolically connected to creativity. They represent the new, the idea that something that once never existed can be brought into the world through a sacred process. Closely related to this is the idea of care and nurturing; that vulnerable things can be kept safe and encouraged to flourish.

Premedy Child Immune 50gram


Our premium Children’s Immune Probiotic formulation is a carefully selected combination of 3 strains of naturally sourced probiotics, plus Vitamin D, Zinc, and Elderflower. – Supports a healthy immune system – Helps reduce the occurrence of the common cold – Elderflower has been traditionally used in Western Herbal Medicine to help relieve the symptoms of […]

Premedy Children15 50gram


Our premium Children’s Probiotic 15 formulation is a carefully selected combination of 15 strains of naturally sourced probiotics develop to: – Support a healthy digestive system – Maintain healthy levels of beneficial bacteria – Support a healthy immune system – Support normal, healthy bowel movements – Support general health and wellbeing Always read the label. […]