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Toxic Food Will Make You Ill

Toxic eating and your cravings – the fast food drug

Toxic food such as fast foods which include fatty foods, burgers, hot chips, pizza, pasta etc. not only pollute your body but can affect your mood making you feel sad and also cause you to crave them in the future. This is called emotional eating and can lead to weight gain. Eating toxic fast foods is like taking a drug in some ways as the cravings for them become addictive.


Do drugs lead to happiness?

Depression is conventionally treated with drugs and recreational drugs also generate emotional “highs”, but how do these drug-induced states relate to happiness?

Anti-psychotic drugs: side effects or depression?

Many people today suffer from depression and come to the stage where they can’t even get out of bed. It is in a sense wonderful to have something they can take that will give them some semblance of returning to their normal lifestyle but there is a price that they have to pay and not a pleasant one.