Sexy Dancing

Not everyone is a wonderful dancer, although many make up for what they lack in style with enthusiasm. The bad news for some eager male groovers is that mere enthusiasm does not cut it when it comes to impressing the ladies. It seems that women are hard-wired to appreciate certain moves more than others.

A new study has found that women unconsciously detect some basic biomechanical differences between good and bad male dancers.

To establish this the researchers had males dance to a basic rhythm in front of a 3-D camera. Their real movements were then mapped onto a feature-less, white, humanoid character. The women then watched the dance moves and rated them but the removal of the men’s features meant that the moves could be judged without the physical attractiveness of the man coming into the equation.

The results showed that women had distinct points of focus when judging a man’s dance moves. On the one hand the size of movement was important and this applied to the neck, trunk, left shoulder, and wrist. Variability of movement however was also important when it came to the neck, trunk and left wrist. Speed of movement of the right knee was also important to “good” dancing.

It all added up to women being most impressed by moves that involved large and varied movements of the neck and trunk.

So by all means gentlemen, strut your funky thing as you see fit…but if you want the ladies to look on admiringly just make sure that the strutting involves a good dose of neck and abdomen movement perhaps spiced up with liberal and swift manipulation of the right patella.

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The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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