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Deśa Retreat: Healing and Empowerment on Victoria’s Serene Coastline

It’s no secret that the sea holds healing powers. Deśa Retreat is perched on the serene coastline of Jan Juc, near Torquay on the renowned surf coast of Victoria. Here, seekers of yoga, healing, surf breaks, eco stays, classes, courses, workshops and plant-based cuisine are found.

The Experience

Deśa Retreat offers a range of handcrafted workshops and retreats all year round. They are designed to stir the soul and create positive conscious action that promotes change in the individual long after they leave the stunning retreat surrounds. Reconnect with yourself and align your values with one of the immersive Deśa experiences.

One of the most popular and healing experiences at Deśa Retreat is the private retreat. This fully customised experience prioritises your wellness needs with a program that’s all about you. Use your own voice to dissolve tension in your body with nada yoga. Shift stagnancy with a powerful kundalini flow or feel warm, fluid strokes on your skin with an abhyanga massage therapist. Allow your creative spirit the time and space to play in a clay workshop or feel the healing power of the ocean during a surf lesson. Whatever your soul craves, the Deśa team will do their best to deliver to allow you the ultimate wellness experience. You will return home feeling deeply cared for and nourished, with a host of tools and strategies to help you continue your wellness journey long after you’ve left the sandy shores of Jan Juc.

Deśa also offers a surf and yoga retreat designed to reawaken your creative spirit by combining the powers of music, movement and nature. This enlightening experience runs over three days and nights and sees participants enjoy the power of yoga, the rhythm of the ocean in two surf sessions, a cooking class and a Hawaiian dance workshop — it’s a truly immersive retreat that will leave you feeling enlightened and empowered to take the things you have learnt with you back into your everyday life.

Food And Accommodation

The accommodation at Deśa Retreat is intimate, with two eco villas and a tiny house on offer, each sleeping up to four people. Each eco villa is situated within the beautifully landscaped property grounds, and is designed with a light-filled north-facing living area, a luxurious bathroom with a double-overhead filtered shower, a kitchenette, hydronic heating, hammock, and a shared north-facing entertainment deck. The tiny house is a minimalist studio-style space with a north-facing living area and a simple bathroom and kitchenette,

Meals at Deśa Retreat are plant-based and are largely sourced from the thriving permaculture garden on site. Fresh, homegrown produce is made into mouth-watering garden-to-plate meals designed to nourish guests from the inside out. All meals are freshly prepared on site and do incur an extra cost.

Retreat facilities

  • Yoga classes
  • Surf sessions
  • Nutrition session/cooking workshop
  • Art workshops
  • Meditation
  • Massage therapy


12 Ocean Boulevard, Jan Juc Vic 3228
Ph: 0400 820 279
W: desaretreat.com.au

WellBeing Team

WellBeing Team

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