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4 Tips for Senior Pet Care

Most dogs will live to an age of 12 or older. Caring for your senior pet requires a little more TLC than looking after your middle-aged dog does. Here are our top tips to help you keep your dog fighting fit:

  1. Do a home comfort check: Senior dogs may be more sensitive to things like the cold, so make sure your dog’s bed is away from any open doors or draughts.
    Search for any stairs or heights your dog may encounter in your home and try find a work-around for your senior pooch so they don’t have to put unnecessary strain on their joints.
    If your dog is having a hard time with arthritis or seems to suffer from joint pain when moving its neck, consider a raised tray for food and water to make access easy.
    Finally, incontinence can be a real challenge with older dogs. Make sure your dog has easy outside access at all times of day to prevent mess.
  2. Change your pet’s exercise routine. Instead of one longer walk per day, senior dogs often benefit from shorter, more frequent strolls. This keeps their brain and body active while being mindful of their limitations.
  3. Monitor your dog’s diet. One of the easiest ways to tell if your dog is unwell is by monitoring its food and water consumption — and of course its urination and faeces.
    If you have a multi-pet household, make sure your senior pet isn’t competing for food. Also, take this moment to really analyse your senior pet’s diet and make sure they are eating a meal that is quality with lots of fresh, natural ingredients to keep them in optimal health.
  4. Give them extra love. Take the time to gently groom your senior dog. Talk to him or her often and shower them with affection. Your best doggy friend needs to know how much you care — and there’s never been a better time than now.

Of course if you have any health concerns for your senior pet, it’s best to take them to your local vet.

This pet health tip is brought to you by Nutrimate, producers of premium-quality, food-grade pet food. For more information, visit nutrimatepetfoods.com.au or phone 08 6161 7779.

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Lauren Mckeller

Lauren Mckeller

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