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All In The Nutrimate Family

Some people exude passion for the business they’ve created. The founder of Nutrimate, Richard Pace, is one such man.

After running a food company for 31 years, Richard was ready to try something new — and he saw a huge opportunity for affordable, premium quality pet food in the Australian market. Nutrimate fresh dog rolls were developed with lots of advice and input from industry experts. The ingredients are locally sourced, and the business itself is family owned and operated from the factory in Western Australia, so when you support Nutrimate, you’re supporting home-grown Aussie business.

We sat down with Richard to find out more about his dog food journey.

Are your rolls a complete meal for a dog or a delicious addition?

They are a complete meal. When it comes to the formulation, first of all it’s gotta be delicious for a dog — and dogs love Nutrimate! We also add thiamine and taurine because they’re good for eyesight and muscles, and omega 3 which has anti-inflammatory properties that provide benefit to dog’s skin and joints. I wanted to make it as nutrient rich as possible.

I use locally sourced fish in there, without processed additives and every ingredient we use, whether chicken, beef, lamb, kangaroo or salmon — is all fresh. That’s the key to having a great product, whether you’re feeding people or dogs.

We make our products in an accredited food export factory and have the same standards in there today as we did when we were making food for people — why not?

We want the same quality food for our pets that we would give to humans.

Your products are premium quality and food-grade; why is this so important to you?

None of us want to do something we don’t enjoy or aren’t proud of. I remember once I saw a sign on the back of a door, saying, ‘People remember the poor quality long after they forget the cheap price.’ It’s very expensive to get a customer; once you get them, you want to keep that customer happy.

What is one of the highlights of the Nutrimate journey to date?

I started my first business nearly 50 years ago  —and this is just as exciting for me. Getting new customers and reaching new markets — I love that.

I also love the feedback from customers. I’ve never had so much positive feedback. Everyone tells you when you do something wrong but with Nutrimate, they take the time to email you and compliment the quality of the food, and it’s quite wonderful. They say their dogs have never looked better or eaten better, and it’s really wonderful.

Where can we buy Nutrimate products?

We’re currently in IGA nationally, selected FoodWorks, and in Farmer Jack’s and Spudshed in Western Australia.

Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know about Nutrimate?

We’re a 100 per cent Australian, family-owned business. The people I work with have had many years in the food industry, with some of them having worked with me when I was making people food. It’s one big family out here.

If there was one thing every pet owner in Australia could do to enhance their pet’s wellness, what would you recommend? 

Look at what’s going into your pet food. Nutrition is very important when it comes to the wellbeing of your pet — and you’ve got that covered if you feed your pet Nutrimate Pet Foods. It means nutrition for your mate.

For more information, visit nutrimatepetfoods.com.au or phone 08 6161 7779.

Follow Nutrimate Pet Foods https://www.facebook.com/nutrimatepetfood 

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Lauren Clarke

Lauren Clarke

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