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Do you want to help save the bees?

Do you want to help save the bees? Build a bee-friendly garden

Credit: Patrick Brinksma

Native bee populations are struggling because of loss of habitat and food, often caused by urban and suburban development. The good news is that a single tree or shrub can produce thousands of flowers with high-quality pollen and nectar, providing bees with the protein and carbohydrates they need to thrive. As a result of his studies, an American researcher has made recommendations for building a bee-friendly landscape. The specific suggestions are focused on America but the general advice has global application. He suggests planting a variety of trees and shrubs that bloom at different times of the growing season. He makes the point that both native and non-native plants attract diverse communities of bees and non-native plants can extend the flowering season. However, he points out that flower form matters and plants that are horticulturally modified for appearance’s sake, such as flowers with double petals, don’t attract bees.

Source: American Phytopathological Society


Terry Robson

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