Summer Reading And Podcast Essentials

Summer reading and podcast essentials

Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art
Breath is a powerful tool. Beyond keeping us alive, breath can calm us, help us focus and provide a grounding force for many of us. But it seems that humans have lost the ability to breathe correctly. In Breath, Nestor explores the “lost art” of breathing that dates back to around 400 BCE. He draws upon ancient wisdom, real-life stories and studies in pulmonology, psychology and human physiology to deliver an intriguing read that will change the way you think about your body’s most basic function. Nestor discovers freedivers who have utilised their breath to increase their lung size; explores the effect the industrial revolution had upon the quality of breathing; dives into the healing power of breath; and ultimately teaches us how to harness our breath to its full potential. GN

The Sunny Nihilist: How a Meaningless Life Can Make You Truly Happy
Ever felt burnt-out or overwhelmed amid the chaos of today’s society and thought “What’s the point of all this?” Wendy Syfret has. The Sunny Nihilist offers a humorously realistic take on modern life. Described as “a balm for the soul of burnt-out millennials” (and it truly is), the book encourages readers to really consider the ephemerality of life and how this can actually act as an antidote to the pressures imposed on us by work, money, love, spirituality and society. There are plenty of pop-culture references as well as historical theories referenced, and ultimately we are challenged to reframe our mindsets to celebrate an existence of unimportance. Like so many in younger generations, Syfret has learned to look on the bright side of nihilism. GN

Darkness is Golden: A Guide to Personal Transformation and Dealing with Life’s Messiness
If you’re struggling with stress, anxiety, self-love and silencing your inner critic, Darkness is Golden might just light the way to healing. Dr Mary Hoang, founder and head psychologist of The Indigo Project, has struck the perfect balance between personal anecdotes, healing exercises and mindful prompts in this transformative, no-BS guidebook to facing your fears. Scan the QR codes to access meditations, sonic embodiments and soothing audio tracks to listen to as you read. But be prepared to provoke your inner darkness on your journey to find the hidden gold — a new sense of direction, self-acceptance, trust and love. As Hoang puts it, “the messiness of being human is powerful — it connects us to each other because, at the heart of it, we’re all rowing in the same shit-soup at times.” GN

How Wild Things Are: Cooking, Fishing and Hunting at the Bottom of the World
New Zealand-born chef, and now author, Analiese Gregory is no stranger to Europe’s fine-dining scene. But in 2017, Gregory packed her bags for an unchartered life in the Tasmanian wilderness, where she hunts, forages and fishes to source the freshest local ingredients in the most sustainable of ways. How Wild Things Are, a memoir–cookbook hybrid, combines a narrative of the intrepid chef’s culinary journey and travels, with scenic photography from Tasmania and New Zealand, as well as a selection of recipes that hero Australian and New Zealand ingredients. Gregory’s penchant for the slow food life shines and the book ultimately encourages readers to soak in the joys of everyday life. Whether you’re an avid foodie, home cook or adventurer, How Wild Things Are will dish up hours of entertainment — and perhaps even inspire a new adventure of your own. GN

The Paper Palace
I haven’t read a novel that has gripped me as much as The Paper Palace did in some time. Tightly woven and cleverly constructed, Miranda Cowley Heller’s debut plays out over one summer’s day in the life of Elle Bishop. The anchoring story is interwoven with 50 years of Elle’s devastating family history and its long-held secrets, which unspool with gut-wrenching realisation. It’s a novel that cracks open the heart and exposes the consequences of choices made and paths not taken. An occasionally uncomfortable read, with scenes of rape, incest, abuse and trauma, Heller’s novel gets to the heart of what it is to be shaped by the people, places and moments, both momentous and seemingly inconsequential, of one’s past. Heller’s sense of place is intoxicating. I could smell the damp rooms of the Paper Palace, feel the pond lapping at my feet; I walked the shaded paths to the beach and tasted the tang of Clamato. A stunning debut novel that is somehow both harrowing and humorous. CH

The Plant Clinic: Healing with Plant Medicine
Following the success of her first book, herbalist, nutritionist and wellness expert Erin Lovell Verinder is sharing more of her plant wisdom in The Plant Clinic. Bursting with recipes and protocols to heal modern ailments, including burnout, insomnia and low libido, this is an ultimate first aid kit for both body and mind. Verinder presents her knowledge in an easy-to-use format with detailed, step-by-step guides for diagnosing, managing and dosing over 100 common health issues. Find salves for acne-prone skin, tonics for restless nights and an infusion to bring you back from burnout. It’s a
Thoughtful guide that inspires you to take charge of your health and live your best life. CH

Rebellious Rituals
A profanity-filled pep talk in coffee table book form, Rebellious Rituals is a self-help guide like no other. Author, business coach and self-titled rebel Rebecca Hulse invites you to throw out the rule book and give yourself a break from the failed attempts at “perfect” routines and self-care rituals. This is a book for those who can’t seem to stick to, well, anything. It’s about meeting yourself where you are, in all your messy glory. Hulse is energetic, playful and just a little bit wacky in her presentation of accepting yourself as you are and exploring all that life has to offer (the good, the bad and the ugly) with frank acknowledgement and explosive creativity. A wonderfully fun guide to living this wild ride of a life with heart and courage. CH


Wake Me Up: Morning Meditation and Motivation
For anyone looking to recalibrate their body clock to become a “morning person” and start the day with a positive, motivated mindset, Wake Me Up is the perfect place to start. This podcast will help you wake up and welcome the day rather than hitting snooze repeatedly and letting the hours slip by. Host Tyler Brown covers all aspects of mindfulness through meditations and affirmations that will help you overcome the slump, find new motivation and drive, let go of your ego, talk positively to yourself and ride the waves of life. And for the days when you just need to slow down and breathe, Brown’s soothing, easy-going meditations will give you the grounding you need. As we emerge from the peak of the pandemic, start each day with gratitude, awareness and a dose of positivity with the Wake Me Up podcast — the perfect pairing to your morning cuppa. GN

The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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