What business are you really in?

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I had a conversation with a naturopath/nutritionist today, where she spent considerable time explaining to me her marketing woes, and how nobody really seemed to pay attention to her signage or “special discount” offers.

Rather than spend all day talking about what wasn’t working for her, I simply asked her a question which made all of her frustrations suddenly seem quite understandable and easy to solve. For those who are interested, I’ve shared it with you here so that you can ask it of yourself and your practice. This is taken from my “Hidden Profits Marketing Kickstart” program:

What Business Are YOU In?

What exactly are you marketing and selling? That sounds like a dumb question, doesn’t it? But do you realise how many practitioners answer that question by stating what business category they’re in? The naturopath says she’s a naturopath. The GP says she’s a GP. The physiotherapist says he’s a physiotherapist.

You are not marketing the category of business you’re in

The reason that most practitioners struggle to get new clients is because they do not make an emotional connection with their prospects. Almost every business talks about the different services they offer, their qualifications, about their state-of-the-art equipment, etc. Quite frankly, this makes no impact on people whatsoever.

The real reason people are going to hire you is simple: it’s for what they get from you that grabs them on an emotional level.

Remember that people buy totally based on emotion, and then defend the sale with logic. Emotion comes first, logic comes second.

You need to uncover the real deep-seated reasons why people are going to hire you

Now, your prospects are not going to verbalise these things. They may not even realise that these are the reasons. In fact, they’re probably going to formulate some logical reasons for hiring you. But the logical reasons are not the reason that gets them through the door and what gets them to call you.

You must educate your potential clients on exactly what you do and all of the emotional benefits you provide. Educating your clients is critical, and this is what “emotional direct response marketing” is really all about. (for more info and a great example of emotional direct response marketing, go on over to my website at www.lifestylepractitioneracademy.com)

Meantime, here’s a short but enormously powerful exercise which, if answered thoughtfully and applied to your marketing efforts, will be worth a lot of money to you and a happier health outcome for hundreds and even thousands of your potential future clients!

What are the emotional reasons someone would book in with you?

Once you figure this out, you can then answer the critically important key question that every potential client is asking themselves in their head when considering your services:

Why should I spend my money and time with you?


Adam Gibson

Founder, Lifestyle Practitioner Academy


The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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