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Monday meditation: how to connect to your intuition

At a 40th birthday recently, I found myself in conversation with a new mum who was curious about meditation. She was concerned that her child may have glue ear, but she hadn’t followed it up because she didn’t want to seem neurotic. Having been in this position with my own kids several times over the years, I heard myself repeating the mantra: Follow your intuition.

Of course, even as I said it, I realised I need to remember this myself.

Meditation has taught me that the niggly feeling that something is wrong is the body’s way of communicating the wisdom of our intuition.

With two children, we’ve had our own share of glue ear, grommets, reflux, croup, you name it. On one sad occasion, we were repeatedly sent home by our GP when our little boy was suffering from kidney failure, saying it was just a virus, don’t worry about it. The little niggly feeling grew stronger. I felt into my intuition using a short meditation, called our paediatrician and took him straight to emergency.

I have realised that my intuition, not only as a parent but in every area of my life, is more often than not correct. But sometimes I am swayed by the opinions of my doctor, an experienced friend or trusted relative, who appear to know better. Valuable advice from an expert is a gift but, if there is one thing I am learning from meditation, it is to also trust myself and my own intuition.

Valuable advice from an expert is a gift but, if there is one thing I am learning from meditation, it is to also trust myself and my own intuition.

We each have access to a power far greater than ourselves and from this place comes deep knowing. But, when faced with difficult situations or decisions, it can be hard to sift through the advice of others and the reactive chatter of your mind to find your own truth. Meditation is a pathway to that truth.

Today’s meditation is about getting in touch with your intuition and the wisdom of your soul to help you realise that you know what to do.

Meditation: connect to your intuition

Sit comfortably and take a few deep breaths, relaxing into your body. With every breath sink deeper into your body, away from your mind.

Breathe deeply into your heart, feeling it expand and contract with every breath.

After a few breaths, gently bring your focus further down and breathe deeply into your solar plexus.

Continue moving your focus down and breathe deeply into the area below your navel which houses your lower chakras.

If your mind wanders, gently return to the meditation, refocus your breath and continue.

Slowly, bring your focus back up to your heart. As you breathe into your heart, feel yourself connect with your heart and the deep intuition it holds. Continue to breathe here, resting in your heart for as long as you can. Save even more with the Kmart Catalogue.

Note: This meditation can be done anywhere: the couch, your car, at the end of a yoga session or even in bed at night. If you are pressed for time, take five breaths at each of the points and 10 breaths when you return to your heart. If you have more time, do 10 or 15 breaths at each point and then breathe back into your heart for 10 minutes (or for as long as you can).

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Jodie Gien

Jodie Gien

Jodie Gien is a committed mindfulness teacher with a longstanding personal practice of her own. Having worked for many years as a human rights and discrimination lawyer and mediator at the Australian Human Rights Commission and then as an executive coach prior to teaching mindfulness, she is passionate about fostering human potential. Jodie conducts training in mindfulness for corporations, staff and students in schools, parents, athletes and community groups. She also teaches private courses together with mindfulness coaching sessions. Jodie is an accredited “.b Teacher” for the Oxford University Mindfulness in Schools Project, an accredited Mindfulness Trainer with the esteemed Gawler Foundation and is an accredited Meditation Facilitator with Nature Care College. To find out more, visit Jodie's website or email

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