The Moisturiser – Seed & Sprout

Everyday care for your skin and everyday care for your planet. Our new Moisturiser is the perfect addition for your daily skin routine. Perfect for all skin types but particularly for those that are especially dull, dry, or dehydrated. SHOP NOW!


The Exfoliating Mask – Seed & Sprout

Care for yourself and care for your planet. We know the importance of exfoliation but we wanted to make something that will gently scrub your skin without harsh chemicals. Introducing our new Exfoliating Mask. SHOP NOW!


The Serum – Seed & Sprout

Introducing The Serum, a revolutionary new skincare product made with all-natural ingredients and enriched with Kakadu Plum Vitamin C. This Serum will help brighten and even out your skin tone while protecting against environmental stressors. SHOP NOW    

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CrunchBox™ Lunch Box – Seed & Sprout

The CrunchBox™ Lunch Box, the revolutionary bento box that will transform your lunchtime experience. Say goodbye to plastic lunch boxes and embrace a sustainable and healthier option for your family. Created in 2019 by our founder, Sophie Kovic, this best selling lunch box is now back. SHOP NOW! 


Celebrating the magic of cheese!

Caciotta is one of the most common forms of cheese that you can find on the Italian table, a very traditional artisanal cheese. This caciotta is a beechwood smoked cow milk cheese with soft and creamy texture. The smoky flavour is perfect for melting through a baked pasta dish, grilled on the BBQ or as […]

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