Transform your life: Be who you want to be

Are you the person you want to be or do you often find yourself thinking you’d like to be different in some way? Maybe more confident, more social, more desirable or just happier? There are not too many people on earth who are 100 per cent happy with who they are. Many people have a […]


Give up sugar and change your life

Sugar is in everything in some way or another. It is in food naturally and also added to food as a sweetener or preservative. Especially in processed, canned or packet foods the amount of sugar (and sodium) are especially high. This is because they need the product to last on a shelf for 12 months and it is often high even in savoury products.


How to change your life in 2013

This year seems be the one for which everyone has been waiting: the year to change your life. Everyone is saying, “This will be my year”, and, “This will be a great year”. Even I will be relocating interstate to Bris-vegas with my family, so it’s a big year for us too. You’ll have noticed that […]

touchy person

Why some people are so touchy

Ever noticed how some people are touchy and can react easily to even the smallest thing? This might be a comment from someone, being too busy or little events that happen to us all like traffic, spilling our coffee, losing a document and so on.

feeling bored

Feeling bored?

Do you often feel you get bored or restless at various points in your life? This is characterised by feelings of boredom, not knowing what to do with yourself or what you want to do, feeling unmotivated and even feeling a bit lost or down.

The difference between forgiveness and acceptance

A lot of clients have questioned me about forgiveness, acceptance and letting go and it seemed to me that it can be a grey area for some people knowing what each is and what it means to forgive, to let go or to accept. As it is such an important topic for your mental, emotional, physical and energetic health I wanted to let you know the key differences.

Adjusting to holidayitis

We’ve all had it, we all know what it’s like. When you have been somewhere on holidays or even just at home and then the time comes when you have to return home, return to work, return to routine and often return to all the old stuff that used to happen.

Criticism why it’s so harmful

When people think of criticism, most think of either deliberate criticism (a blunt, hurtful, rude or judgmental comment made intentionally) or constructive criticism (a comment designed to ‘help’ you in some way with performance, behaviour, etc).